Video Story: Mountain Biking in Mt Parsoon

Mountain Biking in Mt Parsoon

The video is about the challenging mountain biking of Parsoon Mountain with a couple of Adventure Iran’s mountain biking guides on 6th of April 2018. Parsoon peak is about 3100m which is located in the southern side of central Alborz Mountains. It’s not far from the capital, which is Tehran, but is reachable via lavasan city that is located at the north south of it and it’s considered a suburb for Tehran, and from there continue the main road to Afjeh village. The paved road finishes in Afjeh and the real biking adventures starts from there. there is a dirt road that leads you to another big plain called Dasht-e Havij which is several hundred meters higher than Afjeh. Dasht-e Havij is a base camp of a few high altitude peaks which surround this valley. Mt Parsoon (3100m), Mt Saka (3300m), Mt Rizan (3500m) and Mt Atashkooh (3713m) are the mountains you can ascend from Dasht-e Havij.

Also there is an old mule road that goes to Dasht-e Lar (Means Lar valley) and from there connect you to the north of Iran in the Caspian Sea region. Locals used to use that road to transfer their goods to Caspian regions about a hundred years ago.


On this adventurous trip we transferred the mountain bikes from Adventure Iran’s office in Lavasan to Dasht-e Havij, And from there, the trek started towards the peak. For most of the climb they pushed their bikes to the top of the mountain and sometimes even carried them on their shoulders.

They reached the summit around noon and spent a few minutes resting and snacking. The weather was cloudy and there wasn’t much of a chance to see other central Alborz high peaks. On the way they saw another climber who ascended the mountain and after a group photo they started doing downhill on a single track road towards the base camp and continued cycling towards Lavasan city.

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