Iran Off the Beaten Track
Iran Off the beaten track

Iran Off the Beaten Track

Iran is a vast country with a lot of untravelled routes. Many adventurous travellers would like to visit pristine places with natural wonders. Iran has numerous destinations not mentioned in any guide book or travel blogs. In fact, second and third-time visitors usually prefer to explore the hidden spots of the country to witness the real lifestyle of people and experience something exceptional.
Depending on when you travel to Iran, time available, and the type of attractions you are interested in, there are many Off the Beaten places to choose from and explore. In addition, if you like to have an action-packed travel or combine it with your cultural-historical exploration, you have even more choices.
One of the quite unexplored regions is Sistan and Baluchestan province located in the southeast, the largest province of Iran containing the only active volcano mountain, (MT Taftan), meaning ‘Burnt city’, (a UNESCO site).

Along the coast of the Persian Gulf which accesses the Indian ocean, special Baluchi people live who have a distinctive culture and lifestyle compared to the rest of the country. Unique music, spicy sea food, mangrove forests, fishing villages, a mud volcano, banana farms, and Mars mountains are special attractions. Baluchestan, Chabahar port and the Indian ocean coast is one of the short and famous tours that we offer in Adventure Iran for some parts of this region.
The Iranian Kurdistan region is also one of the regions where people don’t often travel. Most tourists visit a couple of villages which are just mentioned in the guidebooks without having much of an idea about the rest of the region. Kurdistan is a large province with numerous villages scattered in rural areas. People are one of the main attractions here and, of course, the most pure and remarkable nature which belongs to Zagros mountains makes this place even more unique. Some villages are situated in such remote areas in the mountains, where there are no paved roads. The difficulties in accessibility ensure they are unspoilt.

Iranian Kurdistan Trail and Explore West of Iran
Kurdish Local People


Iranian Kurds keep their ancient traditions with their own folk clothes, customs, and beliefs. Kurdish dance is world famous with some bands attending international music festivals.
The famous Pir Shaliar festival held in midwinter in the Howraman district is one of this region’s main attractions. It is the best time to visit these people, listen to their renowned Kurdish music and watch their captivating dance. Iranian Kurdistan Trail and Explore West of Iran is a long Adventure Iran trek, taking in a number of villages like Howraman.
Bushehr province, situated in the southwest alongside the Persian Gulf, is another region where few people travel. It is one of the most beautiful destinations in Iran which is virtually unknown. You cannot find the name in any guidebook. Bushehr people live a traditional cultural life enjoying fishing and eating delicious spicy seafood. They are surrounded by a huge number of palm trees, the historical port of Siraaf, an ancient fresh food and fish market, and boat factories. These are some of the attractions on the unusual hiking trail in the canyon. This region is combined with other neighboring provinces to allow one to visit more of Iran’s marvels in one journey. A Journey to the South West of Iran tour is a good example of a journey to visit the most important parts of Iran’s southwest as well as Bushehr province.
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