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Classic Route of Iran for Photography

Iran is a very popular destination for photographers and photography fans. One of the most important reasons why Iran was added to the list of special travel destinations in the world was photography in Iran. With the rise of social media and its growing popularity around the world as well as the urgent need for creating unique content on various platforms, the number of influencers who travel to Iran has considerably increased in recent years. Many of them travel through the Classic Route of Iran for photography. They wish to take amazing photos of Iran’s best locations. Iran is so vast and diverse in both cultural and natural attractions that it offers the best photography locations for Instagram or other image-based social media in all four seasons.


If you are a specialist photographer, Iran offers you great impressive subjects and locations for most photography types. For those who are interested in Landscape and People Photography in Iran, there are various destinations like Kurdistan, Turkmen Plain, Baloochistan, Bakhtiari Nomadic Region, Persian Gulf and the islands, as well as the Azari Region of Iran, and Arabic tribes who live in the southwest of Iran in Khuzestan.  Depending on your travel time and your interest, you could travel all year round to all the above regions of Iran in the Best Travel Time to Visit

If you are a generalist photographer or just enjoying travel photography and you are interested in exploring the Best of Iran, you should travel through Iran Classic Route. Iran is famous for historical and cultural attractions and the majority of travelers who are exploring Iran prefer to visit the main attractions of the country and pass through the 5 of Iran’s main tourist destinations. Moreover, most of the photographers or the first visitors who are interested in photography, prefer to capture photos of Ancient Persia which also covers the 7 major UNESCO sites of Iran. The focus of the photography on this trip is mostly on the photography spots of the cities of Tehran, Kashan, Esfahan, Yazd, and Shiraz along their old and modern parts including bazaars, mosques, archeological and historical sites.

The highlights of this route for photographers include Architecture Photography, Street photography, people photography in urban destinations, and a few regions for fine art photography. There are not many special landscapes and exotic portraits on this popular travel route compared with other important destinations mentioned above for the first group though. People’s photographs would mostly be taken in the bazaars and the old allies of the cities which are put under the category of street photography. There are though some restrictions on photography in those big cities. The Photography Gallery of our Iran Classic Photography Tour gives you a better idea about what you could experience on this tourist route. 

Another important factor for photography on the Classic Route is traveling time. The best traveling time for this route is spring but you should be aware of the Busiest Traveling Time in Iran too which is very important for photographers. During the Iran High Season which is from the end of March to the end of May, you may not be able to take good pictures as most of the sites are occupied by mass tourism. We highly recommend you to not travel between 17th March to 3rd April, which is the Persian New Year Time, for photography purposes in Iran. In this period, photography is impossible and for other cultural and historical tours, we reduce the number of sites compared with other traveling time.

We are not operating photography tours for this route during the peak season of the Persian New Year.  For this period of the year, which is the Busiest Travel Days of Iran, we offer other destinations on Iran Off the Beaten Track destinations since they are not crowded during NowroozAll about Photography Trips in IRAN is another article related to introducing Iran as a photography destination with FAQs for photographers. Also Iran’s tourist cities distance post gives you more ideas about your travelling time between those main Iranian tourist destinations. For more information, please get in touch!


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