Persian Gulf Islands
Persian Gulf coastal road

Iran is not a destination for beach holidays, instead, it is a perfect destination for those who would like to experience something quite unrivalled. In the past, nobody thought the Iranian Islands, perhaps unheard of by many people, would be popular for international travellers. This was due to the lack of proper marketing and insufficient information in the international press and media. Travellers who had already visited our islands managed to spread the news by word of mouth to friends about the untravelled and unspoiled routes in Iran creating quite an interest.

Iran Persian Gulf
Persian Gulf

These islands are special destinations during late autumn, winter and early spring. Nowadays the Persian Gulf Islands are far better known than previously, where most of the local houses and guest houses are full during the winter. It’s worth noting that a number of travellers visiting these islands are foreigners.
We have numerous islands throughout the Persian Gulf. Three of these, Qeshm, Hormuz and Hengam are the most popular, are fairly close to each other, and located south of Bandar Abbas city. The main and the biggest one is Qeshm which resembles the shape of a dolphin. It’s famous for its mango forests, an amazing salt cave, a spectacular canyon and diving centres. There is also a Portuguese castle in the town.
Hormuz Island is renowned for its glorious beaches. There are strikingly rugged rocks along the coastline which make this island so unique and distinctive. It’s also called Colourful Island, due to the various colours of soil.
This exquisite island is ideal for those who enjoy countless types of adventure activities although trekking, boating and mountain biking are the most popular activities pursued.
Hengam Island is another interesting and picturesque island famous for its dolphins, boating, and fishing.
With a one week tour, it is possible to visit all three of these remarkable islands due to their proximity to each other.
Another popular island is Kish Island, the second largest in Iran and a favoured destination for domestic travellers. Thousands of people visit here for shopping and relaxation during late autumn, winter and early spring.
The best time to visit these islands is in December and finishes around April. Adventure Iran offers three different types of trips: hiking, mountain biking, and a cultural and historical tour of the island.
Cycling in Qeshm and Hormuz Islands in the Persian Gulf is just one of the famous Island mountain biking tours that we offer.