Iran Photography Travel in Sistan & Baluchestan
A Balooch girl in Iranian Baluchistan-Iran Portrait Photography

Photography Travel in Sistan and Baluchistan, Iran

Iran with vast properties along different ethnic groups and tribes is one of the most amazing countries for Photography travel. Traveling to Iran as a photographer gives you a special opportunity to see what is not possible as a general Iran visitor. Traveling to non-touristic areas, meeting original people who still keep their culture and clothes, seeing the spectacular landscape of mountains or deserts, and the historical monuments of ancient places, which date back to a few thousand years ago, provides an amazing subject for your photography travel in Iran.

Balooch Iran Portrait Photography Baluchistan Travel

Sistan and Baluchistan province is one of a few Iran destinations you could travel to as a photographer and experience something different. The province is one of the biggest Iran states with 11% of the property in the country. But many people have no idea about the highlights of this amazing destination.  In our travel blog, you can read about this destination in the post named Sistan and Baluchistan Travel Guide and Advises. Along with the attractions in this province for general visitors, you could also travel to this corner of Iran to capture and complete the photo gallery of your travel.


After a few years of organizing different active tours, we traveled to this province in February 2020 and March 2021 only for research and photography to find the spots for photographers for their adventure travel. Our first photography trip was based on general photography in the two regions of Sistan in the northern part of the province, and Baluchistan on the southern side of this province. The photography type was a combination of Landscape Photography, monuments, and photography of people. But the second trip only focused on portrait photography in the Baluchistan region.



We have visited many different regions along doing photography and we have seen many very Off-the-Beaten-Track parts of these unknown destinations in Iran. Discover Baluchistan through a Photography Tour is the product of the last trip that we provide.



All about Photography Trips in IRAN is another article related to introducing Iran as a photography destination with FAQs for photographers.


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