UTMD (Ultra Trail Mount Damavand)
Ultra Trail Mount Damavand Race with ADVENTUR IRAN

Ultra Trail Mount Damavand in Iran


UTMD (Ultra Trail Mount Damavand) is an Ultra Trail Marathon in Iran conducted in the Lar National Park and on the west side of volcanic Mt Damavand (5,610 meters, the highest mountain in the Middle East).
Adventure Iran started organizing this approximately 100 km race in 2017. It is an annual summer competition, with many runners from all over the world participating in this contest, simultaneously enjoying the race itself, and the experience of being in the foothills of Damavand Mountain. The race takes place in the beautiful Lar National Park, run by the Mountaineering Federation of Iran. This is a race for everyone: UTMD 100 km, PLP 61 km, and PGP 22 km. Both the start point and finish point are at the Polour Mountain Federation hut.

Ultra Trail Mount Damavand Iran
UTMD (Ultra Trail Mount Damavand), Lar National Park, Iran

The race route covers some of the most stunning scenery of Lar National Park and Mt. Damavand, including remote and unspoiled grasslands, nature trails, Lar reservoir, and exquisite steep hills. This is a unique, unparalleled, and challenging running competition for trail running enthusiasts.

UTMD (Ultra Trail Mount Damavand), Lar National Park, Iran
Lar National Park

It is also a great opportunity to participate in an unforgettable event. The race has a website that is organized by Adventure Iran and other co-organizers since 2018. For further information please visit the UTMD website.