Hiking in Iran
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Hiking in Iran

Hiking in Iran is one of the most attractive activities for many individuals, especially considering Iran is a mountainous country with many of them over 4,000 m. Hiking is a popular sport for Iranians at weekends. Iran is a vast country with two huge deserts, where even from the desert area it is possible to see these staggeringly beautiful 4,000 m mountains in the distance. There are also a lot of hiking routes in the country.


As you may know, there are two long mountain ranges in Iran. Alborz mountain range with around 900 km length to the south of the Caspian Sea and Zagros Mountain Range with 1,500 km length starting from the northeast of the country and stretching to the southeast. There are also numerous high mountains over 4,000 m in other parts of the country for hiking.  Most travelers from all around the world come here for hiking, with Iran hiking becoming the most popular activity for many adventurers.  You cannot find an IRAN HIKING MAP here as the one you may see in your home country. There are a few organizations and companies that print Iran maps, but, unfortunately, they do not provide a special Iran hiking map for our mountains, or a topographic hiking map with contours and nature signs.

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On the north side of the capital city of Tehran, there are a number of hiking routes that go up to Tochal Mountain, where the long ridge line is nearly 4,000 m. There are plenty of characteristic cafés and shops around here where hikers have the opportunity to stop and have breakfast on the trail and take in the stunning scenery.  There are also a bunch of trails for hiking outside of Tehran city in the country parts.



Most professional hikers in Iran prefer to hike in the central Alborz Mountains where few people tread. On the northern side of Tehran, there are a few protected areas and national parks, which are the best places for hiking in Iran. Lar National Park, Alborz Markazi protected area, and Vargin conservation region are considered the most attractive destinations for hiking, which are high up in the Alborz Mountains. They are less than 100 km from Tehran city and can be reached easily.  There you can find your own hiking route.


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