Video Story: Cycling through Dasht-e Kavir desert

Cycling through Dasht-e Kavir desert

This video is about one of Adventure Iran’s cycling tours is in the region of Dasht-e Kavir desert. We have performed a lot of cycling tours in Iran’s deserts. In some regions we couldn’t even film and we used the pictures taken to show some places or people. The first group were some Canadian cyclists who came to Iran in 2016. This was a 4 weeks cycling tour from the south of Iran (Shiraz) towards the Caspian Sea and on this video we used only the desert section of their trip. We had other guests from a variety of nationalities in this video like Hong kongese, Dutch, Swiss, Germans, Austrians and some Iranians as well. The route we had for each group was different and they had distinct travel itineraries. In general, we cover the main important attractions of Iran’s deserts like Historical Castles, Oases, Old villages and Caravanserais which were one day a part of the ancient Silk Road. Also the two main Iran’s touristic cities of Yazd and Esfahan are on our Desert cycling tours.


In this video Kuhpa Caravanserai, Bayazeh historical Castle, Mesr, Garmeh, Kharanaq ancient village and Aroosan oases, Meybod historical town, Naien and Anarak caravanserai can be seen. The time window for cycling in Iran’s central desert is the beginning of spring (March and April) and autumn (September – November). The road that can be seen throughout the video is the backroad between old towns or villages, which is very safe and as it’s not the main road, there aren’t many cars that use it. Also a combination of paved road, dirt road and desert roads is taken on this trip.

For accommodation we used a combination of hotels and caravanserais, which are renovated as a boutique hotel, guest houses and local houses. Passing through these villages has a very unique benefit and it’s the interaction with locals that are very kind and friendly and also a bonus which is the food. It is mostly Persian cuisine -that is served in the hotels or caravanserais- as well as local-made food in local houses and guest houses in the desert.

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