Video Story: Crossing Lar national park by mountain bike
Lar National Park Mountain Biking Post

Lar National Park Mountain Biking

Lar National Park MTB video is about one of Adventure Iran’s mountain biking trips in one of the most beautiful national parks of Iran. it is located in the northeast of Tehran province, only 70 kilometers (43 mi) from the capital. Lar national park is a protected region so it is not open to the public.


About Lar National Park

It’s managed by the Iranian Environmental Organization. Travelers need to get a permit for entering the park and the mentioned organization issues them for interested travelers.  We apply for the certificate one month in advance as it takes a couple of weeks of paperwork. The gates of the park are open only during the summertime. Stockbreeders and cattlemen enter for their summer KOOCH from lower altitudes to upper altitudes, their seasonal move.

KOOCH is a Persian word meaning seasonal relocation of accommodation and most tribes, nomads, and villagers of Iran still do this to this day. They relocate with their hordes of animals like sheep, jotas, dogs, hens, and roosters along with their family for better weather conditions and food for their animals.

Lar is the key location for most tribes around Tehran capital during the summertime. At the end of the summer when the weather is getting cold, they will move again to warmer locations in lower altitudes till the end of spring of the next year.

 Lar National park with 30,000-hectare pf property is home to a wide range of flora, fauna, and wild animals. Along with its rich nature, there is a big dam inside of the park called Lar dam. it is created by the high mountains of central Alborz and is fed by many spring waters of the surrounding region.

This reservoir of water is a source for a huge number of people living in the capital. In terms of geography, Lar is located in the central Alborz Mountains which is in the southwest foot of the massive mountain of Damavand, the highest peak in Iran and the highest volcanic mountain of Asia.

Iran Mountain Biking Group Tour Lar National Park

About the trip

The trip was performed at end of the spring, 3rd, and 4th of June 2021. Our team of mountain biking guides and a couple of friends were present on this trip. They had a two days adventure trip inside the park and stayed overnight in tents in the heart of the park. They had to carry all of the necessary equipment for camping inside backpacks during this journey.

For mountain biking tours done for our clients, the bags are carried by our 4×4 vehicle, and the riders only carry their day pack.  Since we perform several mountain biking tours in Lar Park every year, we always run an initial biking trip to start the season in the park every year. This video is done for the trips of the upcoming season.

Iran Cycling Tours
Iran Cycling Tours


What the Park is like

The park has a lot of different attractions like canyons, passes, mountains, rivers, and spring water. It’s a special region for our mountain biking adventures from the end of May up to September. We have created various mountain biking routes in the park, ranging from day trips to week trips.

There are no paved roads in the park and the riders need to be prepared to bike on dirt and single track roads. Crossing the rivers a few times is one of the unique experiences of this trip. Depending on the time of travel and the season, the volume of water is different. Sometimes at the beginning of the season, we even use ropes to cross it.

There are a few canyons inside the park, one of them is located in a remote area that can be unreachable for most people. We have a special adventure mountain biking trip to pass this canyon for reaching another valley in the park for our camping on the planned trip. You’ll have an eye-catching view of many mountains of central Alborz in a different corner of the park. In some parts a spectacular view of Mt Damavand as well.

Damavand View -Lar national Park -Single Track MTB tour Iran

Because there is no artificial light in the park, one of the most amazing experiences of this adventure is watching the stars during the night. You’ll most definitely have an unforgettable night on your camping trip in Lar.

Waking up to the sound of birds and the music of the frogs along the river may be one of the new experiences in your cycling history. The length of your cycling could be about 50~60 km in a one-day cycling tour up to 200 km on a multiday trip inside and around the park.

Hope you enjoy the video and if you like it subscribe to our channel to see more of the beauty of our country.

LAR National Park

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MTB Iran Group Tour Lar National Park

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