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Bakhtiari Nomadic Land

Bakhtiari is the name of one major Iranian nomadic tribe living in the central part of the Zagros mountain range. Bakhtiari nomadic land is very remote and far from civilization. It embraces the last remaining original and authentic nomadic tribes in Iran.  Livestock raising is their profession, and their life is divided into two different periods: the hot and cold seasons. Iranian Bakhtiari nomads live in the low lands during the cold season and move to the high mountains with their families and animals during the hot season. In Persian, there is a special world of KOOCH for this kind of movement and lifestyle.

Location Chaharmahal Bakhtiari province Iran map
Location of Chaharmahal Bakhtiari province in Iran map


The lifestyle based on Kooch is still alive and it is very fascinating to see. This traditional lifestyle would, unfortunately, disappear very soon in this artificial world.  The people still live in basic tents with their ships and goats without facilities and electricity. For those who are interested in anthropology, this nomadic region would be one of the most impressive parts of Iran.

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The nomads still keep their original clothes and customs. Their wedding ceremonies and traditional dance are enchanting as well. The villages and the nomadic camps are other highlights of this region. The Bakhtiari nomadic tribe, their lifestyle, traditions, costumes, and their territory as a whole are must-sees for those who wish to experience them during their travel to Iran.

All the abovementioned attractions have made this place one of the destinations for adventurous travelers who are looking for Off-the-Beaten-Track destinations in Iran. Travel to Bakhtiari nomadic region is full of experiences. Depending on your interest, you could have different travel styles and activities.

If you are interested in Bakhtiaris’ Kooch and traveling along with them in early spring, ” Kooch with Bakhtiari Nomadic Tribes” is a very interesting 15-day trip with long continuous trekking days that would be a lifetime experience of your travel in Iran.


For those who are interested in a shorter trek, “A long Trek into the Zagros Nomadic lands” is a one-week trip with 5 days of hiking in the nomadic region that would be another thrilling experience.

For photographers and artists who are interested in photography, we customized a very special trip “Bakhtiari Nomad Photography Tour that would be a perfect choice for portrait photography during the spring and autumn seasons.

Along with the people photography of nomadic tribes, the region has amazing huge mountains and canyons that would be perfect for landscape photography. There are two ways for a photography trip in this region. The first type of trip is doing a long trek through the nomadic region in the mountains and enjoying adventure travel photography. The second is traveling by Jeep on the mountain dirt roads and visiting the tribes who have nomadic camps beside the road.


Both trips would be a special travel experience for people and landscape photography. Nomadic people are so friendly and hospitable and they are interested in meeting travelers and socializing with them. Taking pictures of the men is easy and they will be so happy with the photos. The women are not familiar with photography due to their traditional culture. Depending on the region and situation, you could communicate with them and ask them for taking pictures. Photographer ladies have a better chance of taking pictures of the nomadic women on this trip.



There are two good seasons for this region. Spring is the beginning of their Kooch “nomadic migration” from low altitudes to highlands of mountains. It’s the best time for photography of the landscape. Most of the mountains are green and the ridges are covered with snow. Autumn is another good season when the tribes migrate with their sheep and goats along with the horses and mules towards low lands during the winter season.

For more information, please have a look at the “A Guide to Bakhtiari Nomadic Tribes” article on our Travel Blog.

Bakhtiari Nomadic Tent-Photography Iran


A Guide to Bakhtiari Nomadic Tribes


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