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An expedition hiking tour alongside Bakhtiari nomadic tribes through a historical trail from the lower valleys in Khozestan province toward the high mountains of Zard Kuh in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province.

START Esfahan
FINISH Esfahan
REGION(S) Chahar Mahal & Bakhtiari province
MEALS: 15 Breakfasts, 14 Lunches, 13 Dinners
ACCOMMODATIONS: Hotel: 2 Nights, Camp: 5 Nights, Local House: 7 Nights
All transportation according to the itinerary
Accommodation as mentioned in the itinerary
Meals as indicated in the itinerary
English speaking tour guide
Backpack handling by Mules/Horses (limited to 15kg per person)
NOT INCLUDED Entry fee for the sites not mentioned in the itinerary
Travel insurance
International airfare
Excess baggage charges
Airport and departure taxes
Any extra hotel costs such as early check in or late checkout
Mini bar used in the room
Meals not stipulated in the itinerary
Tips (optional)
Cost of medical immunizations
Bottled water
Phone calls
Any other service not mentioned in the itinerary


  • Hiking on long trail of nomads with their animal and family
  • Unforgettable journey with Bakhtiari tribe through their route
  • Different experience with nomad’s seasonal migration
  • Experience nomadic life of Bakhtiyari tribes
  • Hiking in the heights of Zardkuh mountains
  • Staying inside of a nomad’s tent
  • Visiting life style of local people during their seasonal migration
  • Beautiful scenery of high mountains of Zagros
  • Overnight camp with nomads
  • Adventure travel with crossing rivers, canyon and high pass of mountains
  • Explore basic life of shipper

One of the main reason for writing this itinerary is the transforming experience of different journeys. Life is going to change very quickly and former local and nomads’ lifestyles are also going to change now. Nowadays, in most parts of Iran, the traditional style of seasonal movement with animals and whole families is going to change. In many regions, most nomads transfer their animals to big trucks, and you can’t see many people have their old customs these days. Also, technology and smartphones are everywhere and most of the traditions and customs of local locals are affected by many new toys, and we might be the last generation to have a chance to see special nomad people who still have their old traditions. We studied about the best place to see these types of people who are real nomads with an old history of life, and we had a couple of softer trips to their region. All the trips we have in nomadic areas are about the time they had already settled in their region. But this trip is for when they wanted to move. Of over 300 different itineraries of Adventure Iran trips, this is the only one we can’t write our fix itinerary because they have their own plan and the time of their seasonal travel is not fixed. So we can’t say start date, but it might be a couple of days later, and we do some exploration before they start their trip to high land.

In Persian, for this seasonal migration, we call it KOOCH. Also, Kooch is the name of our Persian company name as well. During a year, the nomads have two seasons: Kooch. The first time in the year is in the spring and the second one is. In these two seasonal migrations, they will travel from low land to high land in early spring and after summer they will go back to low land again. Depending on the tribes and the location of their tents, this migration takes from 7 days up to one month sometimes. For this journey we only have two trips in a year. The first trip will start from around Mid-April from the lower part of Zagros in Khozestam province, and we will finish in Chahal Mahal and Bakhtiari province. The second route of trip is the same but, the wise versa, which starts around mid-September. The journey is to migrate alongside nomad tribes, and we have chosen one of the shorter routes that they have, which takes around 10 days. During this time we will bring our own tent and food, but we have the same place to stay, and we will be a part of their family during this short time. For the night we will cook, and sometimes we share and exchange our meals with them, and we will have an unforgettable journey full of new experiences of our trip in the heart of Zagros mountains.

The mission of this hiking trip expedition is to experience nomadic life, knowing their customs, way of life by walking through their tents in the heights and foothills of the Zagros mountain range. You will see how women work hard in their life and how children cooperate with their family in their basic life. This Adventure Iran hiking tour is suitable for those who would like to hike in a remote area which is not in any guide book, blog or a site. It’s a tailor-made itinerary to have a long continuous day hiking through different families of nomads alongside a mountain chain of Zardkuh. Every day we travel and each night, we stay in different areas, and we have an unforgettable night with a nomadic family, and we explore different nomad villages on our trip. Visiting their simple lifestyle, knowing their costumes, tasting their food and socialize with them during the night and listening to their stories are our experiences of this journey. We have a continuous walk  through the historical route of the nomads with a challenging level of difficulty. 

“If you are interested in reserving a spot or would like more information, please contact us.”

Kooch Bakhtiari Nomadic Tribes
Iran Nomadic Tour - Bakhtiari Tribes Zagros mountains
Sare Agha Seid village - Bakhtiari nomadic region - Iran Nomad Tour
Iran Nomadic Tour - Bakhtiari Tribes Zagros mountains
Iran Nomadic Tour - Bakhtiari Tribes Zagros mountains
Iran Nomadic Tour - Bakhtiari Tribes Zagros mountains
Groom & Bride in wedding ceremony- Bakhtiari Nomadic Tribe IRAN
Hiking in Nomadic region of Bakhtiari
Group photo of Bakhtiari poeple
Bakhtiari people with a traveller in Zardkuh Mountains
Bakhtiari Nomadic Village - Off the Beaten Track IRAN
Bakhtiari nomadic Tours in iran
Iran Traditional Dance in Bakhtiari Nomadic Tribes
Sare Agha Seid Nomadic Village- Bakhtiari Nomadic Land
Iran Portrait Photgraphy- Bakhtiari Nomadic Children
Bakhtiari Nomadic People- Zagros Range
Bakhtiari nomadic Hiking Tours in iran
Zardkuh Mountain - Bakhtiari Nomadic Region
Iranian Wedding Ceremony in Bakhtiari Nomadic Tribes
People Photography Iran- Bakhtiari Ladies
Iran Ceremony Photography- Bakhtiari Nomadic Tribes

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