Video Story: A 4X4 Safari in Dasht-E Lut desert

4X4 Safari in Dasht-E Lut desert

The clip is an adventurous 4×4 desert safari in the heart of Dasht-e Lut desert that we arranged for an Italian group, performed in November of 2018. Dasht-e Lut is one of the two main deserts which are located in the south east of Iran, it’s one of the most beautiful Iranian attractions for travelers who are looking for a bit of sun and heat. Lut is a natural world heritage site registered in the UNESCO list of Iran in 2016.

Back to the video, The Journey was a 5 days expedition desert tour with jeeps inside Dasht-e Lut desert to visit the most attractive places of this beautiful desert. Dasht-e Lut’s Lut plain is very large with an area of about 2,278,015 ha which covers nearly three provinces of Iran. South Khorasan province is north west, Sistan and Baluchistan province is in the east, and Kerman province is located in south west of Lut desert.

The group entered the desert through the north western side in South Khorasan and exited from the south east of the desert in Kerman province and drove an average of 100-200 kilometers per day to explore different sights of the desert and also slept in different regions every night. They mostly camped throughout the journey and our team managed the cooking and setting up the tents.

They crossed Rig-e Yalan which as you might know is the famous huge sand hill and Kalouts fantasy city which is a special tight structure of sand created with rain and wind during several hundreds of years. At the end of the trip they reached Shahdad town and from there continued their journey towards Mahan and Kerman city.

Hope you enjoy the video, if you like it subscribe to our channel to see more of the beauty of our country.

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