Iran 4x4 Desert Safari Trip

IRAN Desert Adventures

If you are a desert freak and looking for hiking, mountain biking or 4×4 Iran tours!

The majority of the trips we performed on the first ten years were desert trips. At that time, we had weekly desert trekking in spring and autumn in different Iran’s desert regions. We also had monthly expedition long desert trips. You can feel it through our desert trips photos which is a long list. In fact Adventure Iran grew up and became famous with its desert trips. Nowadays our group desert departures are limited to make the quality of the trips higher and make them more exclusive. We operate three different activities in desert, Desert Trekking, Desert cycling and 4×4 desert safari with camping in the heart of desert.

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Several videos different types of our activities in Iran desert which is also available in the ADVENTURE IRAN YouTube channel.


Mountain Biking in Maranjab Desert


Desert Trekking in Dasht-e Kavir Desert


Desert Safari in Dasht-e Lut