Video Story: Winter Trekking in Shemshak

Winter Trekking in Shemshak

Alborz Ski Region

Shemshak is mostly famous for skiing in Iran and many people (especially Tehranians) know of Shemshak Ski Resort. It’s a destination for skiing during winter and an amazing region for trekking and mountain biking during the summer. Along with ski and ski touring activity many adventurous hikers are interested in winter trekking and mountaineering which has its own attraction as the scenery in the winter is much different and it’s perfect for photography.

Shemshak is located in the heart of central Alborz Mountains surrounded by many high peaks above 4000m. In winter it has high volumes of snow, in some canyons more than 3 meters. Shemshak is only 50 km away from the capital but the winter takes 6 months as it is located at 2700m altitude. The video is made of a trek in winter times in Shemshak that was planned to ascend Abak Peak with 3500 m altitude. Our group did this trek on the 8th of December of 2020.Shemshak north Tehran winter trekking

They had a day trek to ascend another small peak and take the ridge line towards the top of Shemshak ski resort. They started the trek from the village and after a few hours reached the pass which has an amazing view of Mt Damavand, the highest mountain in Iran. From there they took the ridge towards the peak where they had an amazing view of many mountains in Alborz like MT Sarakchal 4210 m, MT Kolonbastak 4160m, MT Touchal 3960m and MT Kholeno 4400m which is the highest peak in Tehran province and central Alborz mountains.

As you can see in some parts of the video, the weather changes a lot but it made a spectacular view of the high mountains and Shemshak valley. They descended from another side of the mountain through Shemshak Piste which was enthralling and Shemshak Piste was closed in that winter so no skiers interrupted the descent.

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Shemshak - Alborz Ski Region

Shemshak Spring view Iran

Shemshak wall and Abak Mountain

A moderate hiking trip in central Alborz mountains in one of the main ski regions of Iran in the north
2 Days



The view of Shemshak in spring


The View of Shemshak in Winter



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