Video Story: Trekking from Alamut towards the Caspian Sea

Trekking from Alamut towards the Caspian Sea

The video is a slideshow of Adventure Iran’s trekking tours from the Valley of Alamut to the Caspian Sea.  As we had not much good footage for this clip we made it with our tour photos which we had from different tours performed in the years with the purpose of showing the beauty of this rout. This trail is one of the most famous trekking routes in Iran which is located in the west Alborz mountains. Lonely Planet also mentioned this route as Iran’s top travel experiences.

The starting point of this trail is around the Alamut Castle in the valley of Alamut which is in Qazvin province. And you will finish the trail in Yuj which is in Mazandaran province in the southern part of the Caspian Sea.


Geographically, Alamut valley is in the southern part of Alborz mountain and Yuj is on the north side of Alborz. So you should cross the mountain ridge line of Alborz to reach the Caspian Side. The climate of the southern side of Alborz is different from the north side. The season starts from April and finishes in October or sometimes November depending on the weather. In early spring you will face snow in the heights of the mountains and summer is mainly green and in fall the landscape is mostly yellow and brown.

In the winter the entire area will be full of snow and the road is blocked from south to north. So the beauty of the landscape and the scenery is changing season by season and that’s why you will see different pictures of nature in the video or in our tour photos on our website (which you can see here).

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