Video Story: Ski Touring in MT Damavand

Ski Touring in MT Damavand

The video is about our expedition ski touring trip in Mt Damavand in April of 2019 that was made for a Spanish couple. Damavand is a symbol of Iran and ascending it is the dream of many adventurous travelers.

The Majority of people climb Mt Damavand in the summer as a trekking activity but at the end of winter or beginning of spring when the mountain has a lot of snow is perfect for ski touring. We have created a trip to ascend Damavand with skis for challenger skiers. The trip is designed to have a few days of ski touring in Dobarar Mountains for the start.

Dobarar mountains has a couple of peaks about 4000m which is in the southern side of Mt Damavand and has a very good quality snow for ski touring.  Besides that, it’s perfect for warm up and acclimatization before the actual climb to mount Damavand.

Iran Ski Mountaineering Tour
The view of Mount Damvand South Face from Dobarar Chain

The plan in Dobarar was to stay in a nearby village and make base and choose a different peak to ascend and ski in every day. luck was on their side on this trip as they had perfect weather most of the days. They did a lot of photography in the high mountains of Dobarar which you can see in here.

After this part, we transferred the group toward Mt Damavand base camp where they rested and the next day drove them from the 1st camp towards the 2nd camp. In the midway, they started skiing towards the 3rd camp and carried the bags with porters.

In March and April and most of the year, we have snow above the 2nd camp (3100m) so they couldn’t use mules to transfer their baggage. The next day was acclimatization day and they climbed towards 5000m without skis. Then they ascended the peak with skis and they went back to Damavand base camp in Polour and from there our 4×4 vehicle picked them up to transfer them to the Capital.

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