Azad Kuh Mountain (4,400 m / 14,288 ft)
MT Azadkuh Iran trekking Tour

Azad Kuh Mountain

Azad Kuh Mountain, with a giant rocky summit, is one of the highest peaks in Iran and is located in the high central Alborz mountains. Azad means ‘free’ and Kuh means ‘mountain’. The free mountain might be the local name, due to it being cone-shaped, so dissimilar from the other surrounding mountains.

If you assume a line from Tehran city to the north, in the direction of “Noshahr city”, Azad Kuh is located somewhere in the middle. The three faces of the summit, north, east, and west, are surrounded by steep rocky walls that are more than 500 meters tall. In the summer, there is no need to use any technical equipment for climbing.


The mountain is located in the Alborz Markazi protected area where there are different types of flora and fauna, various species of birds, and a broad range of wildlife. MT. Azad Kuh Ascend is one of the treks we prepare to reach the peak, suiting the most experienced hikers during summertime.

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