Video Story: Tehran to Caspian Sea MTB

Tehran to Caspian Sea MTB 

The video is about a challenging mountain biking trip from the capital towards the coast of the Caspian Sea. The team of riders were Slovenian and they did this trip after their expedition MTB Damavand ascend. From Tehran to the Caspian Sea there are different treks through paved roads, dirt roads, mountains and single tracks. This mountain biking trip to the Caspian is through the mountains and single track roads which is the hardest path to the north of Iran. They chose the historical route that was used for trading between Tehran and the Caspian Sea’s nearby regions when there were no man made roads between towns. They passed Lar National Park, Yush village, Kandelus historical village, a couple of mountains, passes, ridge line and Hyrcanian Forest on the way and slept in local houses and a mountain lodge during the trip.

There were a few rivers they had to cross and depending on the season it might be possible to see wild animals in the mountains. Also there are a couple of waterfalls after Lar Valley which is nice to have a stop in and rest on the trail. They finished this mountain biking trip in Nowshahr city in the Caspian coast and slept in a small hotel on the coast, and swimming in the sea at the end made the trip a wholesome one in this adventurous journey to Iran.

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