Kandelus Historical Village
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Kandelus Historical Village

Kandelus is a historical village in Mazandaran province, located in the Caspian Sea region in the north of Iran.  The province itself lies between the southern coast of the Caspian Sea and the northern slopes of the Central Alborz mountains.

Mazandaran is one of the most densely populated provinces in Iran and has a multitude of natural resources.  Kandelus is a breath-taking and blessed village in the heart of dense forests on a mild slope at the foothill of the Alborz Mountain Range.

This village, being in a mountainous region, is in one of the most scenic valleys of the Alborz Mountain Range at an altitude of 1,650 meters above sea-level.  The inhabitants speak in Mazandarani dialect.  The village has a dense residential fiber with householders owning sheep, goats and hens and boasts a unique architecture.  It is registered on the list of national heritage villages of Iran.  Due to its distinct identity, the alleys and streets are renovated by the Iran Cultural, Heritage and Tourism Ministry.

There are many fruit trees and a wide variety of medicinal plants in the forest.  The whole area is surrounded by a large and spectacular forest, with an exquisite trail that leads to a mountain called Anaron Peak at a height of 3150 m.  There are numerous springs throughout the mountains.  Adventure Iran included this captivating village in their tours of hiking and mountain biking as not only is it encircled by outstanding and unspoilt scenery but combines a cultural experience with the most beautiful nature in the whole of the Caspian Sea region.


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