Visa restrictions in Iran has been lifted (UPDATE)
Women arriving in Iran IKA Imam Khomeini International Airport airport

Visa restrictions in Iran has been lifted after nearly 20 months of the country closing its borders duo to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Visa restrictions were put in place after the pandemic and like most countries in the world Iran has lifted restrictions after starting the vaccination and (as of the 14th of January), with nearly 80 percent of the population getting their first dose and 10 percent getting their 3rd dose, it is reaching the 70% immunity and the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism with the green light of National Corona virus Council has finally begin issuing visas for tourists around the world.

The tourism board has adjusted a guideline for travelers which includes the requirements for traveling, things you need to do on your trips and etc. For better safety of the travelers and the country.

For entering the country you will need to be fully vaccinated with it being at least 2 weeks passed from you second dose and the related paperwork is needed for the issuing of you visa, beside that you will need a PCR test done with a 72 hour time limit before you flight for individuals above the age of 12 and traveling from high risked countries selected by WHO (The World Health Organization) is not possible. Also any countries deemed high risked by the Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical Education are grouped in this category.

This requirements are put in place for air borders and most main land boarders with the right infrastructures in place and it applies to all visa types and individual or group trips. So to put it simply the requirements are as below.

Terms of traveling to Iran in COVID situation

1- At least 2 weeks has been passed from you second dose of vaccination

2- A PCR test done at the most 72 hours before your flight to Iran for individuals 12 and above

3- Traveling from high risked countries (selected by WHO) is not possible

If you need more information or have any questions be sure to contact us and if you are planning to visit Iran we wish you a good and corona free trip and you can check out HERE for extra visa information.


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