Video Story: Mountain Biking in Lar National Park

Mountain Biking in Lar National Park

This video is about a part of a long cycling trip with a Swiss mountain biking group who started their trip from the southern part of Iran towards the north of it and this part was the end of their adventure in Iran. The location is Lar National Park which is located in the north east of Tehran Province. This adventure started from a village on the west side of the park and finished in Polour village which is located in Mazandaran province. Polour is located in the south face of Mt Damavand nearby Haraaz road. The trip was performed in the month of May in 2019.

Many tours were planned by us in the park during May in the years and we have never seen huge volumes of snow on the way but in that year we had a lot of snow in early spring in April and it made some good challenges for the group in the canyon.

We knew such a thing would happen and sent two of our guides to check the route before we sent the group.  We had a session the night before with the group and we explained the situation to them. and prior to that month of the year, water levels are a bit high and there’s a lot of river crossing to do so a few numbers of people skipped this part and we send them to the Lar valley through another gate with our 4×4 cars.

You can see in the video that the scenery changes after the canyon is passed and from the snowy situation of the canyon which looks like winter, we enter another region which looks like spring with green fields. In general, this situation made for an amazing trip for our guests. On top of that, we had a range of good filming equipment like Go pros and Drones during this trip for capturing this breathtaking scenery.

At the end of the trail, the second group of our clients who did not join the mountain biking part were joined by the main group and had lunch together and went back with our vehicle to Tehran. Hope you enjoy the video and if you like it subscribe to our channel to see more of the beauty of our country.


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