Video Story: MT Damavand with bicycle

MT Damavand with bicycle

The video is about an expedition mountain biking trip to ascent Damavand Mountain (5610m) which was performed in July of 2019. Mt Damavand is Iran’s highest peak and it’s the highest volcanic mountain of Asia. The mountain is in the southern coast of the Caspian Sea and is in the north west of Tehran province.

The group was from Slovenia and the Adventure Iran’s team led this expedition trip. It was a one-week tour starting and finishing in Tehran. The journey started with a two days MTB tour in the Lar national park as a warm-up. Lar is a protected area located on the foothills of MT Damavand and it’s in the south west of the mountain.

They also slept one night inside the park in high altitudes which is perfect for acclimatization when you come around the sea level. After finishing the Lar trip they continued cycling towards the southern part of Mt Damavand and slept one night in the Mount Damavand shelter which is the first camp of Damavand and The next day transferred the bicycles to the 2nd camp.


From there they loaded all of the camping equipment and other stuff to the mules and started mountain biking from the 2nd camp at an altitude of about 3100m toward the 3rd camp(4200m). In our original plan the next day was acclimatization day, the day we generally ascend with bicycles up to 5000m and then leave the bikes somewhere in the mountains and descend to the 3rd camp.

On this trip the physical fitness of the group was very good and they decided to skip the acclimatization phase. They woke in the dusk and packed to ascend towards the peak. They were at the summit around noon and all of the group reached the peak together.

After a good rest on the peak and taking a group photo they ridded the bicycles and had an amazing downhill to the 3rd camp. They slept the night there and the next day, packed their bags and started biking downhill towards the 1st camp of Mt Damavand. In the afternoon after rest and lunch, they loaded the bikes on the jeep and went straight back to Tehran.

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