Dena Mountain Chain
Dena Mountain Chain

Dena Mountain Chain

Dena mountain chain is the name of sub-range mountains located in the middle of the Zagros mountain range of Iran. It is around 90 km long with an average 15 km width. Most parts of this chain reach nearly 3,000 meters in height with a spectacular view of the whole region. They are home to some of the highest mountains in the entire Zagros range with more than 40 peaks rising to an elevation of 4,000 meters or more above sea level. One of these, the stunning Ghash Mastaan (Bijan 3), is the highest peak of all, with an elevation of 4,450 meters.


There are two starting points to ascend the main peaks:

  • The first one is the easiest and the most popular. It starts from Sisakht, the town on the southern west side of Dena. There is a delightful trail that leads you to the shelter and the main peaks above 4000m.
  • The second accessible way to the peaks is called the Northern route. It starts from Khafr village in the lowlands of Dena. If your goal is to just climb the highest peak, (Ghash Mastan), this is the shortest way to do it. Also, on both sides of the mountain there is a shelter above 3000 m which is convenient to stop for refreshments before ascending the peak.



Dena National Park and Dena mountain chain, which includes the whole foothill area around the chain, is protected by the Department of the Environment of Iran. For more information, please check DENA NATIONAL PARK
With the exception of the mountain range, so amazing for expert hikers, there are plenty of villages in Dena Park, nestled in the mountains with breath taking scenery, wonderful for long distance hiking. In this area, there is a vast spectacular oak forest at a low elevation, as well as agricultural areas, rivers, and many fruit trees. In spring, the nomadic tribes will come from the various mountain lowlands with their animals for grazing. You will notice them occasionally during the trek. This strikingly vast area with its unique beauty is ideal for many adventurous activities like mountaineering, mountain biking, trekking, wildlife adventures, river trekking, river swimming, climbing, and nomadic adventures.

Mount Dena - Iran Map
The location of Dena Mountain Chain in Iran Map


The Dena Mountain and Dena Park  which is a Biosphere Reserve UNESCO are attached to each other and located 200 km away north of Shiraz in Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad province of Iran. You could also reach the mountain and park from Esfahan and it’s located about 300 km away south of Esfahan. Dena Protected Area is a bigger area which includes Dena mountain chain and Dena National Park. 

Dena mountain chains and the park also is one of the best mountain regions for those who would like to explore Iran’s main tourist cities and go hiking alongside their Iran Classical Trip. You need to apply in advance for permission from the environmental organization of Iran to enter the region.


Adventure Iran started its research in 2015 taking in the whole region. We have carried out various types of small group tours from moderate travellers to strenuous mountain climbers. We have also combined both a soft and hard Dena trek with an Iran classical tour as a Combo Iran Tour Package. For more information, please Contact Us.

Dena National Park

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