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Iran Weekends and National holidays

The week starts from Saturday in Iran and that makes the weekends Thursdays and Fridays. Some days on Iranian calendar are considered national holidays. These days are a lot and can make planning for a trip harder. Many Iranians plan for these holidays and the places you visit might be crowded during your trip.  One of the largest of them all is NOWRUZ which the Persian new year  on the 1th day of Farvardin Persian month occur on 21th March. 

The official national holiday of the country during Iranian New Year is 4 days (from 20 March to 23 March). There are also two continuous official holidays, the 1th and 2nd of April as well. The majority of Iranians use the gap between the two above periods for their main traveling time in Iran. Sometimes, Iranian weekends (Thursday & Friday) occur from 24 – 31 March and make a long holiday. In practical, the duration of this holiday sometimes takes more than two weeks for the majority of domestic travellers. They start their trip before the NEW YEAR date, about 18th, 0r 19th March up to 3rd or 4th of April, which sometimes takes more than two weeks.



Iran calendar 2024
2024-Iran Calendar




Below are the PDF versions of the Iranian Calendar of above JPG files which are available for download. You can find more information on the Iranian national holidays from HERE.

2024– Iran Calendar Weekend and National holidays

2025– Iran Calendar Weekend and National holidays

2026– Iran Calendar Weekend and National holidays



NOTE: Many Iranian national holidays are related to Arabic months and the Islamic calendar, so it is important to double check the holidays with locals (your tour operator or guide) before making decisions about your trip. These types of holidays could effect your travel quality.

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