Holiday Delays

There are special days in a year where the country goes on a holiday and the work will get postponed until the holiday or national events are finished.

In the Persian New year (18th March- 3rd of April) is a national holiday.

You can find more information on the Iranian national holidays from the link below:


Weekend and Bank holidays

Weekends are Thursday and Friday.

Iran holiday:

As Iran uses Persian, Arabic calendar all togherter and each year the banking holiday, will change according to the Gregorian calendar. To catch the latest information about holiday in Iran please check out the following link:

During Iran holidays most of Iranian travel the whole Iran, social in touristy areas and finding the accommodation, transportation and all travel service harder that other general theme and also the price may be changed when you want to travel in this period. Specially during the Persian New Year (March 20- April 2)