Video Story: Sven Hedin’s footsteps in Iran Central Desert

Sven Hedin’s footsteps in Iran Central Desert

The video is about a long desert trekking in Dasht-e Kavir desert and is made from different Adventure Iran desert trekking tours from 2011 to 2019. Unfortunately, we haven’t got much footage from our trips and the video was made from what we could get from these memorable trips. But in our Adventure Iran’s photo gallery section you will find a lot of high quality pictures taken from similar tours that we have done in the years.


Sven Hedin is a Swedish geographer, topographer, explorer and travel writer who traveled to Iran in 1886 and 1890 and he passed this part of the desert with camels and camel mans so in the hour of his work we named one of our expedition trekking trips after him. The region is Khor and Biabanak which is located in the heart of Iran Central Desert, 400 km east of Isfahan. We designed a trek mostly travelable by camels that passes a number of oases and villages inside of the desert.You can see the remains of the date farms and some agricultural regions in the desert with some sheep and cows on the farms and of course some camels which are the main highlights of the desert.

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The trail is designed to pass different terrain types like flat desert, soft desert and sand dunes, Salt Lake and mountains. Spring and autumn are the best seasons to take this trek. March and April in spring are perfect as you have more daylight in the desert. In October and November, you have better temperature but the daylight is a couple of hours shorter than spring. You can start your journey from Yazd or Isfahan which are the most popular cities for travelers who visit Iran Classical Routes.

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Sven Hedin’s footsteps in Iran Central Desert

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