Happy Persian New Year – Nowruz 1401
Nowruz ancient Iranian holiday Persian new year

Happy Nowruz 1401

From our team in Adventure Iran we wish you a very happy Nowruz and also we hope you a joyful and adventurous New Year. Nowruz is one of the oldest and most important traditions in Iranian culture. We keep this holiday in high regard.

Chaharshanbe Suri, an Iranian event taking place on the last Tuesday of the year, was just a few days ago, we had many fires to jump from with many fireworks to spare. The streets are full of sound on this night and everybody is celebrating this ancient occasion.


During this holiday many Iranians take a long vacation to their nearby cities, so traveling at this time can be a curse and a blessing. Many people plan for this week-long (for some people 2 weeks long) vacation in advance. They usually go visit their relatives in other cities or plan a sightseeing trip for themselves. People have started their journeys and the trains and busses are mostly full.

Haft-sin tables are set and everybody is counting down the hours to the New Year. because of the calculations of when the Sun crosses the celestial equator and equalizes night and day, the time of the new year is different every year. This year it is at night around 7 P.M local time.

This is a time for families to gather around and spend time with each other, a time for friends to reconcile and a time to put the winter behind us and start a New Year with many blossoms on trees.


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