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Desert 4×4 Safari in Iran

Desert 4×4 Safari in Iran is one of the main activities that most travelers would like to experience on their journey to Iran.
As you may know, Iran has two deserts; Dasht-e Kavir and Lut deserts. They are both perfect for a 4×4 safari for all adventurous travelers in search of a new and remarkable experience. Dasht-e Lut lands are quite unusual in comparison with the other deserts of Iran, having eye-catching and unique landscapes. Maranjab, Rig-e Jen, Koreh Gaaz, and Mesr desert make up the Dasht-e Kavir desert all of which are ideal for off-road 4×4 safaris.

Maranjab desert is close to Kashan city, where there is a historical caravanserai which is well worth visiting. This desert is unrivaled for a multi-day desert trip for those who would like to have a short and cost-effective desert journey in Iran. Rig-e Jen, in the central desert of Iran, is one of the most adventurous. It is located in the heart of the Dasht-e Kavir desert. Rig-e Jen is perfect for those travelers who would like to have a longer and more complete 4×4 safari as it is not easily accessible. It is also more challenging compared to the other deserts in the area.
There are two ways for starting the journey. Anarak is the most accessible town in the Rig-e Jen desert, 222 km from the east of Esfahan.
The second way is from Khur which is a town in the heart of Dasht-e Kavir.

4X4 Desert Safari, Dasht-e-lut Desert, Iran
4X4 Desert Safari, Dasht-e-Lut Desert, Iran


The least popular deserts for safaris in Iran are the Koreh Gaz and Mesr deserts. Koreh Gaz is also known as Mohammad Abad Koreh Gaz; it is the last oasis in the desert where a couple of people still live. In this region, there is underground water, a few animals, some agricultural land, and plenty of fruit trees as well as palm trees. There is a photo of this area, taken by the Swedish explorer and travel writer, Sven Hedin, in his book. It is interesting to compare his photo dating back some 100 years with current-day photos.

Adventure Iran has performed a lot of camping and 4×4 desert trips in this oasis since 2009. We also combine these deserts with other main destinations in Iran as a complete trip package.
All the deserts mentioned above are located in the Dahst-e Kavir desert in central Iran, which is not very far from the main urban tourist destinations that you will visit on your Iran classic trip.

4X4 Desert Safari, Dasht-e-lut Desert, Iran
4X4 Desert Safari, Dasht-e-Lut Desert, Iran


Dasht-e Lut is the other important desert of Iran which is a UNESCO natural heritage site. It is far from all our main cities and is located in the southeast of the country. This spectacular Dasht-e Lut desert with its exquisite types of terrain is one of the most beautiful deserts in the world, if not the most beautiful! Gandom Beryan also in this desert is one of the hottest and driest places on Earth. It is not easily accessible but there is an Airport in Kerman city, located in the southwest, where flights arrive or depart from Tehran, Esfahan, and Shiraz, the main cities with international airports. Although there are several entrances most Lut Desert Safari tours start here.

4X4 Desert Safari, Dasht-e-lut Desert, Iran
4X4 Desert Safari, Dasht-e-Lut Desert, Iran


If you plan to travel to Iran to visit the main Iran UNESCO heritage sites, you can also drive to Kerman from one of those cities. Tehran is located in the north, around 1,000 km away, Shiraz in the south-west is 600 km away, and Esfahan in the center of Iran is around 700 km away. Yazd, another main tourist destination, is just 450 km away from Kerman. There are daily flights to Kerman from Tehran as well as a couple of flights from other cities.


The season for traveling to the Lut desert starts in November and finishes in March. The best time to visit the Lut desert is in November and December when the temperature both day and night is perfect. Please check our desert tour tab under the menu of Iran Tours to see just a few of what our Desert Adventure tours offer. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

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