Maranjab Desert
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Maranjab Desert in Iran

The Maranjab Desert is the name of a region in the Dasht-e Kavir desert in Iran. Maranjab is located in the eastern city of Kashan in Esfahan province. This interesting desert is one of the most accessible desert regions between Tehran and Kashan. It is surrounded by an amazing Salt Lake, so it is worth visiting the sand dunes and the lake as well as the flat desert of the Kavir National Park (Parke Meli Kavir).




The average height of the desert is approximately 2800 feet above sea level with the highest point being around 2900 feet above the sea level. Much of the Maranjab desert is full of golden sand dunes and sabulous. The name “Maranjab” is said to have been chosen by none other than Shah Abbas. The desert was a part of the famous Silk Road that used to connect Europe and China in times past. The name is derived from a Ramesh word that refers to the freshwater canals in the desert.

For a desert, Maranjab is quite spectacular and picturesque. One feature that makes the sight breathtaking is the golden sand dunes that give the impression of flowing like water. Some of the dunes are as high as 230 feet. undefined For this reason, some people have described the desert as an ocean of sand. In addition to the sand dunes, the hilly terrain and forests in the desert also make the desert even more beautiful to behold. All this has made the Maranjab desert a famous destination for tourists, nature lovers, and people who love photography.

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The altitude of the Maranjab desert is about 850 meters above sea level with the highest point of the area being about 880 meters above sea level. There is the possibility for adventurous travelers to do short and long trekking, desert mountain biking, and camping here. Maranjab Desert tour is one of the short 4×4 and camping tours we perform in this region.


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