Video Story: Trekking in Darbandsar

Trekking in Darbandsar

This video is about a private trekking trip in the heights of Alborz ski region in north of Tehran province with some friends in covid times. As the central Alborz Mountains has a lot of peaks, we generally choose one of them for our trekking or mountain biking trip as it is not that far from the capital. This video is in Darbandsar region which is the name of a village and ski region in north Tehran. Central Alborz is located in the protected area of Alborz-e Markazi which is under the management of Iran Environmental organization.

This region has rich plants that locals use for their foods and infusions (Damnoosh in Farsi). Also there are a wide range of flowers that grow in this region which have medical and therapeutic properties for example, you can see hogweed (Golpar in Farsi) that is famously used in Persian traditional medicine. Hope you enjoy the video and if you like it subscribe to our channel to see more of the beauty of our country.



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Trekking Tour

Darbandsar (Alborz Ski Region)

Shemshak Spring view Iran

Shemshak wall and Abak Mountain

A moderate hiking trip in central Alborz mountains in one of the main ski regions of Iran in the north
2 Days




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