Adventure Iran adapted to new health standards

We are adapting all our trips are adapted to new health standards.

Living a memorable and safe adventure has always been the first concern of Adventure Iran and this special year will not be an exception to this rule. When you are able to travel to Iran, we shall continue to make you travel, make you dream and make you discover wonderful places in Iran. We are working with our accommodation providers, guides, partners in order to adapt all our circuits to new health constraints: physical distance, barrier gestures, specific hygiene measures.


Reduction in the number transfers and the number of people in vehicles, wearing of a mandatory mask and regular disinfection of vehicles.


We apply all of the strict rules imposed on accommodation.


We no longer offer rooms to share with people who do not know each other. Family, double or single rooms are available.

Private accommodation and mountain huts:

Minimum surface area per person, 1 bed out of 2 offered in dormitories, blankets are no longer provided in shelters, you will need to provide a personal duvet.


An individual tent is offered to you for the whole stay, we transport it, you may be asked to pitch it up / dismantle it.


Reduction in the number of dishes shared on picnics, and an increase in individual portions. Food is not in contact with all participants; strict hygiene rules are applied even when hiking or cycling.


Your guide will explain the new health rules implemented in connection with the various players in your trip: accommodation providers, drivers. During the activities, he helps everyone to respect the rules of physical distance (for example, 2 meters when hiking).