The Arbor Day
Arbor Day

The Arbor Day

The tree is the embodiment of beauty and life and one of the most magnificent and fruitful blessings of God that fulfills an important part of human needs. In ancient times Iranians had many substantial and special celebrations. One of these celebrations was planting trees on Arbor Day. Every year people were planting young seedlings in gardens and forests, respecting the soil and agriculture.

This tradition has been passed down through the generations. Even now, Iranians are celebrating “Arbor Day” together and planting trees. Iranians welcome spring by donating a seedling to nature.

Individuals are encouraged to plant trees on Arbor Day.  In Iran, 5-12 March has been designated as “Natural Resources Week”. “Arbor Day “, which falls on 5th March is the first day of this week. In other countries, the day and date change, depending on its climate, when a time is chosen so the tree can grow. During this week in Iran, different kinds of seedlings are distributed among people by the municipality, and tree planting techniques are taught to those interested. On this day you will be given free seedlings in front of most parks, green spaces, and other parts of the city.


Planting trees and their maintenance have always been important. In general, trees are a large part of the natural and national resources of any country and belong to everyone. Every single person in the community breathes the delicate air that trees produce. In addition, the role of trees in preventing floods should never be overlooked. These days, because of industrialization, trees play other essential roles in human life. Trees provide products such as furniture, stationery, timber, and thousands of other commodities. Another significant role that trees play in human life is their therapeutic properties. For centuries, plants have played a vital role in the treatment of many diseases. Trees give nature a marvelous color and seeing them lifts one’s spirit. So celebrating Arbor Day is a way to help the environment to maintain its shape.

You should consider these tips when planting seedlings:

  • Seedlings should be healthy;
  • Plant them in suitable soil and a place where they can flourish;
  • Seedlings should be perfectly straight and you should use a stick or other object to keep them upright:
  • Dig a small moat around the trunk:
  • Do not let them be exposed to wind, storm, or severe cold;
  • Use appropriate fertilizer when planting.

Not only should we profit from these trees, but future generations must also be able to benefit from them as they are vital for one’s survival. Nature is the source of energy and life for all societies in every part of the globe, so we should treat it with kindness and tenderness. We have to protect and preserve existing natural resources, especially forests and pastures and expand this divine blessing. Keeping the celebration of Arbor Day is very important in that manner.



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