What is the renting procedure in AdventureIran?
  • After sending your request via our Rental Equipment Inquiry Form, one of our staff checks your rental items to be sure about the availability of your stuff according to your date. Then they will send the confirmation of availability including the total prices of all the items requested plus the amount of the deposit according to the value of the gears.
  • Then you have to confirm the amount and let us know how you would like to collect your rental gears.
  • When you arrive to Iran, you have to come to our office to take your gear (Please inform us of the approximate time of your arrival). Then you can check your rental items in the storage unit. If for some reason the sizing has gotten mixed up/wrong you can try another one that suits you best and get that. Then you collect your proper gear and we get back to the office (which is located upstairs) for some paperwork. After signing the rental agreement form and paying for the equipment, you’ll get a receipt.
  • When you got back from your trip, you can inform us of the arrival date/time that you want to give back the rented gears and take your deposit back.