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Bakhtiari nomadic Tribes peole photgraphy

A long Trek into the Zagros Nomadic lands

Crossing untouched nomadic regions of Iran on foot through Zard Kuh mountains and experience nomadic life

7 Days
May, Jun, July, Aug, Sep, Oct
Kooch Bakhtiari Nomadic Tribes

Kooch with Bakhtiari Nomadic Tribes

An expedition hiking tour alongside Bakhtiari nomads using a historical trail from the lower valleys in Khozestan

15 Days
Apr, Sep
Group Picture Iran Nomadic tribes in Zagros with traveller

Hiking alongside Zardkuh foothills through Nomadic Camps

A moderate short hike in the Bakhtiari nomadic tribal area in Zard Kuh mountains and experience the nomadic life style

3 Days
Apr, May, Jun, July, Aug, Sep, Oct
Zardkuh Mountains Iran

Zard Kuh Ski touring

Ski Touring in one of the best mountains of Iran for powder skiing and ascend Mt Zardkuh with skis

7 Days
Mar, Apr