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Bakhtiari nomadic Tribes peole photgraphy

A long Trek into the Zagros Nomadic lands

Crossing untouched nomadic regions of Iran on foot through Zard Kuh mountains and experience nomadic life

7 Days
May, Jun, July, Aug, Sep, Oct
Qashqai Nomad Iran Tour

Iran Qashqai Nomad Tour

A short Iran nomad trip along staying at the tent of Qashqai’s tribe and experience their life style

2 Days
May, Jun, July, Aug, Sep
Kooch Bakhtiari Nomadic Tribes

Kooch with Bakhtiari Nomadic Tribes

An expedition hiking tour alongside Bakhtiari nomads using a historical trail from the lower valleys in Khozestan

15 Days
Apr, Sep
Group Picture Iran Nomadic tribes in Zagros with traveller

Hiking alongside Zardkuh foothills through Nomadic Camps

A moderate short hike in the Bakhtiari nomadic tribal area in Zard Kuh mountains and experience the nomadic life style

3 Days
Apr, May, Jun, July, Aug, Sep, Oct