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Biking Desert Trip

Biking through Central Desert and Covering Iran Classic Route

Visit main highlighted cities of Iran by car plus a 3 days cycling tour in Dasht-e Kavir desert and a part of the silk road

9 Days
Apr, May, Oct, Nov
Visit Iran with Bicycle

Biking through Iran Central Desert

Mountain Biking from Esfahan to Yazd through Iran Central Desert and explore the main hidden spots of Dasht-e Kavir

6 Days
Apr, May, Oct, Nov
Cycling through Kavir National Park Iran

Cycling Through IRAN’S Dasht-e Kavir (CENTRAL DESERT)

Amazing cycling holiday in Iran to cross Dasht-e Kavir desert and explore off the beaten track alongside visiting Esfahan and Yazd cities

13 Days
Apr, May, Oct, Nov, Dec
Mountain Biking Iran Tour

Coast to Coast through Dena Mountain by Bicycle

A summer holiday Iran cycling tour from Persian Gulf towards the Caspian Sea and visiting the main highlights of Iran and the UNESCO sites

21 Days
Apr, Oct
Iran Cycling Travel

Cycling through Iran Central Desert

A short cycling tour from Esfahan to Yazd through Dasht-e Kavir desert, overnight stay in desert

4 Days
Mar, Apr, Sep, Oct, Nov