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Two week Iran custom-made tour to cover the main highlights of Iran alongside adventure tour in heart of desert

START Tehran
REGION(S) Central Iran
MEALS: 12 Breakfasts, 5 Lunches, 7 Dinners
ACCOMMODATIONS: Hotel: 9 Nights, Guesthouse: 1 Night, Caravanserai: 2 Nights, Cave: 1 Night
TRANSPORTATION: Night Train, Private vehicle
All transportation according to the itinerary
Accommodation as mentioned in the itinerary
Meals as indicated in the itinerary
English speaking tour guide
NOT INCLUDED Entry fee for the sites not mentioned in the itinerary
Travel insurance
International airfare
Excess baggage charges
Airport and departure taxes
Any extra hotel costs such as early check in or late checkout
Mini bar used in the room
Meals not stipulated in the itinerary
Tips (optional)
Cost of medical immunizations
Bottled water
Phone calls
Any other service not mentioned in the itinerary
  • Visiting more than 10 UNESCO world heritage sites of central Iran.
  • Experiencing different IRAN through two significant Desert, Central Desert & Lut Desert.
  • Visiting remote and non-touristic areas with a touch of the Silk Road and staying in two historical Caravanserais.
  • Having experience of accommodating in a remarkable hand-dug cave in Maymand village.
  • Visiting the historical, meanwhile live bazaars of main cities and having possibilities to buy traditional handicrafts.
  • Having experience of living in an Oasis desert village.
  • Visiting the most preciously historical and cultural museums in Iran.
  • Trying a variety of Persian cuisine.
  • Traveling to 6 main cities and getting acquaintance with history and culture of Iran

After many years of experience in designing, performing and offering travel services for travelers and tourists from different countries who are interested in Iran, The Adventure Iran`s team reach to this conclusion that the itineraries should be designed in a way that tourists live wonderful moments during their trip by not only visiting distinctive historical places and attractions expressed in guide books, but also having the experience of spending time to untouched nature and off-the beaten tracks .

In this trip, the tourists get acquaintance with the central part of Iran in terms of both historical-cultural points and natural attractions and will take an amazing experience during these two weeks. Regarding to this, visiting more than 10 UNESCO world heritage sites besides trekking through two main deserts in Iran, Lut and Central desert are in our agenda, In a way that alongside paying a visit to the heart of exquisite culture and history in Iran such as precious Persepolis and Pasargadae, the travelers can have an amazing insight into Silk Road and accommodating in historical caravanserais.

Exploring civilization through our valuable museums should not be disregarded. Visiting museums during the trip in main cities is among our main purposes. For instance visiting National museum in Tehran where is a treasury of priceless historical works from 8000 years ago up to now is a worthy place to see. Additionally, you can see the greatest collection of jewelries from different eras in jewelry museum of central bank in Tehran. The famous diamond called Darya-ye-Noor, some kings and queen`s crowns from different historical time and the throne known as Takht-E-Tavoos are some examples of this museum treasury.

The Persian gardens registered as UNESCO world heritage sites are other attraction points of this trip. The examples of these beautiful gardens with unique architecture are Eram garden in Shiraz, Shazdeh Mahan in Kerman, Dolat Abad in Yazd and the Persian garden in the city of Parse where is called the mother of gardens in Persia.

The good news for the ones who are interested in visiting old bazars is that we will spent time to all traditional bazars in main cities like Tehran, Shiraz, Kerman, Yazd, Isfahan and Kashan where are still live and active so it can be a good time to feel the impression of old bazars, explore the special architecture and also buy handy crafts and traditional sweets of different cities.

The joy of trying traditional cuisines can be accounted other part of this trip. During our exploration you can have the experience of having delicious and mostly traditional Persian food in the best restaurants.

Convenient accommodation and giving experience of living in unique places is one our main goals during this trip. There are hotels and traditional guest houses in the main cities where are suitable for your accommodation.in addition, you will have a very wonderful experience in staying in two old caravanserais which are in the main path of Silk Road. Surely, the experience of sleeping in hand-dug cave and watching the delightful shining sky in the desert village can leave unforgettable moments in your mind.

To sum up, this is a two-week journey through the main cities of central Iran including main deserts which not only fulfill you of visiting the history and culture of Iran but also can give you the chance of exploring unspoiled paths.


Day 1: Arrival in Tehran

After arrival and getting acquaintance with your English spoken guide, you will be picked up from the airport to a hotel in Tehran and rest. In the afternoon we will go to the artistic park “Park-e Honar Mandan” and spend some time walking around the park and visiting its attractions depending on your interest. Most of the times there are painting and photography shows/exhibitions in the park as well as a theatre and cinema hall and then having dinner in its restaurant. Overnight stay at the same hotel. (D)

Day 2: Tehran sightseeing & transfer to Shiraz

After breakfast we will have Tehran sightseeing and city tour. First we will start with Golestan Palace where is known as one of the most unique royal places in Iran and registered as UNESCO world heritage site since 2013, then continuing with visiting Bazaar. Bazaar is a tangible example of traditional market in the Middle East, where you can visit special architecture and also buy traditional handy crafts if you are interested in. Next destination will be the National Museum of Iran, where the most precious museum in aspect of variations and number of historical works in Iran. In the afternoon we will visit the jeweler museum (or carpet museum), it is located in the place of Central Bank of Iran and consist of royal jewelries from different historical eras. After visiting the museum you will be transferred to train station so that you can continue your trip by traveling on night train toward Shiraz.it will take almost 15 hours to arrive so it can be a good time for rest on its folding bed type seats.(B,L)

Day 3: Shiraz city tour

In the morning around 9 AM you will arrive to Shiraz. After check in and putting the luggage at the hotel, a busy day of Shiraz sightseeing tour will be started. Shiraz is the capital of Fars province and known as the city of poets, literature, and flowers. It is also considered as the city of gardens, due to the many gardens and fruit trees that can be seen in the city.in addition many monuments which are lasted from different historical eras cannot be ignored. First we will visit the Karim khan complex, one of the historical places in Shiraz.it is consist of different part such as historical bathhouse, decorated rooms with the special architecture of that time and its beautiful garden. We will continue our Shiraz exploring by visiting traditional bazaar, Vakil mosque and a very beautiful mosque named Nasirolmolk where is known as pink mosque. In the afternoon we will visit the Eram garden which is a main example of Iranian gardens. By visiting Narenjestan Garden and its museum you can find yourself in a picturesque place with the unique collection of architectural works and traditional interior design. The last places that we will visit today are the tomb of Hafez and Saadi, two of the famous Iranian poets who their verses are not only popular in Iran, but also well-known as international literature. At the end of the day you will be transferred to the hotel. (D)

Day 4: Visiting Perspolis,Pasargad & Drive to Maymand.

Today we will visit three UNESCO world heritage sites. In the morning after having breakfast, we will drive to Maymand, but during the way first we will visit Persepolis, The Capital of Persian Empire and get familiar with the glory of an ancient domination and then pay a visit to the founder of this powerful empire, Pasargadae the tomb of Great Cyrus and Parse, the name of this city. After that we will go toward Maymand. Maymand is a very ancient village which is located near Shahr-e Babak city in Kerman Province, it is believed to be a primary human residence in the Iranian Plateau, dating back to 12,000 years ago. Many of the residents lived in the 350 hand-dug houses amid the rocks, some of which have been inhabited for as long as 3,000 years. Stone engravings nearly 10,000 years old are found around the village, and deposits of pottery nearly 6,000 years old attest to the long history of settlement at the village site, so no wonder if this small village is known as one of the UNESCO world heritage sites. You can have the experience to stay in these hand-dug houses for the night.(B ,D)

Day 5: Drive to Kerman

After breakfast we have a village exploring tour. In order to get more familiar with the area and its rural life style, we will start trekking around the village and sightseeing. After visiting the village we will drive toward Kerman .In Kerman we have some Historical places where is worth to see one of which is Ganjali Khan Complex. This is consist of historical bathhouse and Bazar with the traditional architecture of Kerman. In the female bathhouse you can see the traditional customs of different folks and culture in Iran, like Fars, Lur, Turk, Arab and Kurd which can be very attractive. Overnight stay at hotel in Kerman.(B,L)

Day 6: Drive to Sahdad

Today we will drive to Shahdad and have a visit to Lut Desert. Shahdad is the center of Shahdad district which includes smaller cities and villages. There are many castles and caravanserais at Shahdad and around with some aqueducts (underground channels in Persian called Qantas) known as UNESCO world heritage sites which makes this area distinctive to see. After wondering around the city and visit the aqueducts we will go for Lut desert. The Lut Desert, widely referred as Dasht-e Lut is a large salt desert located in the provinces of Kerman and Sistan and Baluchistan. It is the world’s 27th-largest desert, and was inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List on July 17, 2016. The surface of its sand has been measured at temperatures as high as 70 °C (159 °F), making it one of the world’s driest and hottest places. The eastern part of Dasht-e Loot is a low plateau covered with salt flats. In contrast, the center has been sculpted by the wind into a series of parallel ridges and furrows (Kalout) extending over 150 km and reaching 75 meters in height which make this desert as a wonderful place. We have a chance to trek 2 or 3 hours through the desert and its amazing Kalouts till the sunset. At night the dark sky covered by thousands shining stars can leave you breathless of these huge silence and beauty. After that we will go to the hotel in Shahdad for a meal and taking rest. (B, L, D(

Day 7: Drive to Zein-o-Din Caravanserai

After breakfast we will leave Shahdad toward Zein-o-Din Caravanserai in Yazd, but in our way we will visit some historical places in Kerman province which are situated on the Silk Road. First we will pay a visit to Rayan Castle. It is an adobe castle 100 Kilometers south of Kerman province. It is situated on the skirts of the mountain Hezar. The medieval mudbrick city of Rayan is similar to Arg-e Bam which was destroyed in an earthquake in December 2003. Rayan displays all the architectural elements of a deserted citadel. It is extremely well preserved, despite numerous natural disasters that have destroyed similar structures nearby, this castle is believed to be 1400 years old, may have foundations from the pre-Islamic Sassanid era, it was situated on the trade route, and was one of the centers for trading valuable goods and textiles. This place is one of the most interesting sites in Iran. Next Destination will be Shazdeh Mahan Garden. It is a historical place dating back to 300 years ago included a 5.5 hectares rectangular shape garden with a two-floor residential structure where was belonged to one of the princes in the Qajar dynasty. The distance between these two is ornamented with water fountains that are engine by the natural incline of the land. The garden is a fine example of Persian gardens that take advantage of suitable natural climate.in addition Shazdeh Mahan Garden is the thirteenth Iranian sites registered in UNESCO world heritage sites. After visiting this beautiful garden we continue our journey toward Zein-O-Din Caravanserai. This caravanserai dates to the 16th century and is situated on the ancient Silk Road which was the main trade route between Europe and Asia. After its refurbishment, it has operated as an inn. Overnight stay at this historical caravanserai. (B, D)

Day 8: Drive to Yazd & Yazd City Tour

After having breakfast in Zein-o-Din caravanserai we will leave toward Yazd. This amazing city is located 270 km (170 mi) southeast of Esfahan and is the capital of Yazd Province. Due to the generations of adaptations to its desert surroundings, Yazd has a unique Persian architecture. It is nicknamed the “City of Wind catchers” (Shahr-e Badgirha). It is also very well known for its Zoroastrian fire temples, Ab anbars (cisterns), Qantas (underground channels/ aqueducts), Yakhchals (coolers), Persian handicrafts, handwoven cloth (Persian Termeh) and its delicious confectioneries. During our travel to Yazd we try to visit all historical places such as Amir Chakhmaq historical complex, Jame mosque(great mosque),old bazaar, Zoroastrian fire temples and get you acquaintance with the amazing flavor of Yazd sweets.at the end of our city tour we will take accommodation in one of the traditional hotels in Yazd. (B)

Day 9: Drive to Central Desert

Today we will drive to Central Desert and during our way we will visit some unique attractions. The first one is the historical post office which is called Chapar Khaneh. This place is located in Maybod and is one of the oldest post office in Qajar era. Here your guide will explain how the mails and parcels was sent from this post center to the other cities in 250 years ago. We keep going on our trip toward Chak-Chak fire place. Chak-Chak or Pir-E-Sabz is a village in Ardakan County .it is a pilgrimage point for Zoroastrians which is dated back to more than 1400 years ago. Each year from June 14–18 many thousands of Zoroastrians from Iran, India and other countries gather to the fire temple at Pir-e Sabz and do their tradition. The most distinctive point about this temple is that the fire was lasted for 1400 years by the Zoroastrian priests and during these years it was never turned off. After visiting Chak-Chak we continue our way through Silk Road to the historical village called Kharanagh. There are some caravanserai and historical places such as an old mosque dated back to 1000 years age which are precious spots for visit. Then we continue our way to the central desert and reach to a desert village called Mesr. Overnight stay at a traditional guest house. (B, D)

Day 10:Exploring the Central Desert,Drive to Naeen And Kuhpa

After having breakfast in the guest house we have a couple of hours trekking on the smooth sands around the village and let ourselves to enjoy the majestic beauty and untouched nature of the central desert. The feeling of warm running sands under your bare feet and the silence of vast desert can make every travelers fascinated. After trekking we will have lunch and then drive to Naeen. Naeen is a desert city in Isfahan province which has a desert climate. Naeen are consist of some of the most outstanding monuments in all of Iran .The construction of Jame Mosque (great mosque), which is one of the first four mosques built in Iran after the Arab invasion, dates back to the 8th Century. its magnificent plasterwork over the niche, the marvelous brickwork around the yard, and its silent basement—which may have been used as a fire temple before the mosque was built here—are only a few of the remarkable features of this mosque. One of the most exquisite pieces of artwork inside the mosque is the wooden marquetry pulpit (in Persian called Menbar). The carpenter matched the wooden parts together like pieces of a puzzle. The pulpit is decorated with geometrical designs. This unique pulpit was created about 700 years ago. The anthropology museum known as Pirnia traditional house and the Old Bazaar is other attraction of this city. After Naeen city tour we will drive to Kuhpaye and its historical Caravanserai. Overnight stay at renovated Caravanserai. (B, D)

Day 11:Drive to Isfahan & Isfahan City Tour

Today we will leave Caravanserai to our next destination. Isfahan One of the most majestic city in Iran. This is located 406 kilometers (252 miles) south of Tehran, and is the capital of Isfahan Province. In the 16th and 17th centuries under the Safavid dynasty when Isfahan became the capital of Persia for the second time lots of fabulous buildings was constructed as today the city retains much of its past glory. It is famous for its Islamic architecture, grand boulevards, bridges, palaces, tiled mosques, and minarets. Isfahan also has many historical buildings, monuments, paintings and artefacts. the historical places where we will visit are Naghshe jahan square (UNESCO World Heritage Site),AliiGhapoo mansion,Sheikh Lotfollah mosque,Imam Mosque, the old bazaar and Chehel Sotoon palace.After a full day city tour we will have a visit of historical bridge named Siose-Pol over the Zayandeh-Rood river which its professional lighting at night makes it two times more beautiful where we shouldn’t miss. Overnight stay at a traditional hotel in Isfahan. (B)

Day 12: Drive to Abyaneh & Kashan

After Checking out the hotel in Isfahan we will drive for paying a visit to Vanke Church. It is a magnificent cathedral located in the New Julfa district of Isfahan, and commonly referred as the Vanke which means “monastery” or “convent” in the Armenian language. The cathedral was established in 1606, built by the hundreds of thousands of Armenian that were forcibly resettled by Shah Abbas I in his new capital as part of his policy in Armenia during the Ottoman War of 1603-1618.in this glorious church you can see the full-fledged Armenian art combined with their rich history. After visiting church we will drive toward the beautiful village named Abyaneh. This historical village, where also well-known as Red town, is one of the oldest in Iran, attracting numerous native and foreign tourists over the year, especially during traditional feasts and ceremonies. The noticeable point of this village besides its architecture is the way of locals wearing and maintain their culture and traditional customs. After exploring the Abyaneh we will continue our way to Kashan. We will arrive late in evening after having dinner we take accommodation in a traditional hotel in Kashan. (B, L)

Day 13: Kashan City Tour

After having breakfast at hotel we will start the full day of Kashan city tour. Kashan is one of the other old cities which through historical houses you can see the perfect art of Iranian architecture. The house of Ameriha,Broojerdiha and tabatabaeeha is the examples of origin Iranian architecture that are as old as 3 centuries. After visiting these houses we will take a walk through the old part of town and its bazaar. On our ways we will visit Agha Bozorg mosque which is distinctive for its special desert architectural design. We will continue our exploring with visiting Fin garden and its bathhouse which is registered as UNESCO world heritage sites. Your guide will explain the characteristics of Iranian gardens like Fin garden and also the historical events were taken place in bathhouse.at the end of our tour you will transferred to your hotel to take some rest and get ready for checking out and transferring to the IKA airport. (B, L)

Day 14: Departure

In the early morning you will be transferred to the IKA Airport and Fly Back Home.

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