Desert Tours FAQs

You can exchange your currency when you  arrive in in Tehran at the Imam Khomaini airport (IKA).

The hotel can also exchange your currency to Iranian Rials but in the lower rate.

We can arrange hotels for the travelers coming to Iran. Travelers are permitted to upgrade their hotel if required. Costs will apply depending on the tour

For bus ticket we can help you to reserve it, it’s not difficult and you can reserve it when you arrive in Tehran.

What is the temperature during that period of time? Average daytime and night time temperature.

During the night the weather will reach below -0 °C. During the day time the coldest will be 5-7 °C

We will provide a vehicle service to pick you up from the designated locations. Please notify us in advanced to pick you guys up from the hotel. The time of the pick-up will be mentioned in the itinerary after final booking and down payment.

Each person can carry around 25-30 Kg’s per person on the flights. On the trip each person can bring along a bag with 15 kg’s per person. It is advised that you do not carry a suitcase. It is advised that you carry an overnight bag or duffel bag for the trip. Extra luggage can be kept in your Hotel storage compartment. If you will be joining us on the day of the trip, you may keep your luggage in our storage office.

For each tour we have assigned a tap called “what to bring” for the designated trip.

After making your reservation, kindly have a look at the hyperlink for more information. Please send us a copy of your down payment once you make the deposit.

It is included in your tour package. You may bring your tenting equipment if you want.

Kindly click on the reserve button and fill out the details completely.

  • We can only apply for Agencies, tour agencies and adventurers that book their whole trip with us. For the visa reference number procedure please look at the hyperlink for more information.
  • For those members that fit the above criteria, kindly fill out the application form completely and make sure you leave nothing behind. Please attach a copy of your passport page; the file size should not exceed 100KB’s.
  • If you have travelled to Iran previously, kindly mention the exact date.
  • Necessary documents needed for Visa stamp. Kindly have a look at the hyperlink for more information. You can also double check by visiting the Iranian embassy/consulate of the desired country for the necessary documents.
  • For ABC nationals (American, British, and Canadian) we will have to arrange a specific guide ONLY from the Iranian tourism board from the point of entry to Iran until the departure date. This will increase the price of the tour. Kindly have a look at the hyperlink for more information.