Iran Visa FAQs

All foreign visitors require a valid visa to enter Iran except for citizens of these countries free-visa list. (updated Dec 2023) This list is subject to change, please make sure your passport is valid for a minimum of six months.

Your application will be rejected if you have a travel visa from Isreal. This rule also applies if the passport holder has an entry or exit stamp from Egyptian/Israeli, Jordanian/ Israeli border.

Presently you can get visa on arrival at the following airports: Tehran (Imam Khomaini), Bushehr, Shiraz, Isfahan( Shahid Beheshti), Mashhad, Gheshm, Kerman Shah, Kish and Tabriz.

You can extend your visa two times. The duration for each visa extension is for 30 days.

Visas for those travellers are subject to particular regulations. Presently the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) does not allow these nationals to travel to Iran independently.  They are required to travel along with a licensed tour guide provided by registered travel company from the moment of arrival to departure. A fixed itinerary, a copy of the first page of passport plus detailed information of all travellers inculding thier CVs & social media Ids must be submitted via the travel agency in advance and the tourism board will check the itinerary and details of travelers. After confirmation of tourism board, the agency will apply for the visa in Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). The finalized itinerary is not subject to change. Due to the requirements we advise the travellers to make the necessary arrangements minimum two months in advance prior to their travel date.

We are a registered travel agency with more than a decade of experience in providing services. We can apply for visa authorization number for those intrested to book a tour with us. We can apply visa for agencies and groups. After approval, we will forward the Visa reference number to the customer. Please note that we are unable to apply for this code (visa reference number) if you don’t book all duration of your trip with us.Lately the rules for applying visa have changed to make them easier. You can simply, by yourself, at the airports mentioned above get a 30 day visa upon arrival.

When you apply for a visa at an approved Iranian travel agency, the agency will apply for your visa at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). Upon approval of your visa, a visa reference number will be generated by MFA and faxed to the Iranian consulate nearest to your residence. Your tour agency will send you this reference number. You can hand over the reference number to the Iranian Embassy to obtain your Visa.

Please note: The visa reference number is an “authorization code” and means that your visa has been granted by MFA. You will use this number to pick up your visa at the designated consulate/embassy of Iran or have it posted to your address. For further information, please contact the Iranian Embassy closest to you.

bellow is the list of world wide Iranian Embassies for Iran Visa

Bellow is the link of an worldwide list of the countries can get visa on arrival:

Visa on Arrival countries list

Fill out the booking /application form. Please make sure your information matches with the contents of your passport.
A copy of the first page of your passport. Kindly scan the passport page and make sure the size of the scan does not exceed 500kb. The passport photo should be clearly visible.
A passport sized photo in JPEG format.
For ABC (American, British and Canadian) countries we need CV and social media Id of all travellers.

The visa process for ABC (US, UK and Canadian) passport holders will take about 2-3 months. For other nationalities the process will take about 7-10 working days. Please note during Nowrooz (Iranian New Year) the MFA will be closed from 17-25 March.

You can send your documents to Adventure Iran and in the visa application form there is a box for the location that you would like to collect your visa. You should mention that you would like to collect your visa from the following airports:

IKA: Tehran Imam Khomaini Airport

MHD: Mashhad Airport

SYZ: Shiraz Airport

TBZ: Tabriz Airport

ISF: Isfahan Airport

BUZ: Bushehr Airport

KIH: Kish Airport

KSH: Kerman Shah Airport

Note: It is vital to have your visa reference number to collect your Iranian visa

For more information please visit the link below:

Visa on Arrival countries list

Once we send you the authorization code, you need following documents to get your visa.

  • Visa application form
  • Your passport
  • Visa fee
  • Visa insurance fee
  • Photos
  • Copy of your travel insurance.
  • Some consulates may have different requirements, please check beforehand!

The return time of your visa (stamped in your passport) to your home address is usually within a week but can take longer. Visiting the embassy personally might speed up the process. Some Iranian embassies and consulates may only be open for 3 or 4 days a week and might have limited opening hours. We recommend the flight dates not to be fixed and be refundable in case of possible delays.

 Yes, Iranian embassy/consulate/ airport immigration will charge you a fee for issuing your visa.

This is completely separate with any amount paid for your tour.

Visas are valid for a maximum period of three months from the time of its issue.


There is no extra charge for visa invitation. This is a part of our service when you book a tour

  • Our visa service are for Travel Agencies, Tour Operators and travellers who would like to book their tour with us.  For more information of the visa service (reference number) and the procedure of obtaining of the visa please check out look Adventure Iran Visa Service link .
  • Please kindly fill out the application form completely and make sure you leave nothing behind. Please attach a copy of your first page passport along your passport sized photo; the files size should not exceed 100KB’s.
  • If you have travelled to Iran previously, kindly mention the exact date.
  • There are a few documents which is necessary for Visa Stamp. For more information please have a look to above Visa Service link.