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camping trekking Central Alborz Mountains Iran

Tehran to the Caspian Sea, long Trek

A tailor-made trekking holiday through a historical trail, crossing Alborz mountains from the capital towards north and the Caspian Sea coast

8 Days
May, Jun, July, Aug, Sep

Highlights of the Caspian Sea and a hike in Alamut

An intensive combination trekking and cultural Iran tour in north of Iran in the Caspian region and visit Gilan attractions

5 Days
Apr, May, Jun, July, Aug
Iran Desert Trekking group Holiday

Hiking in Alborz Mountains and Maranjab Desert Trekking

Custom-made Iran active adventure hiking holiday designed for spring and autumn to experience different from walking in mountains, desert and forest in the Iranian Caspian Sea

11 Days
Apr, Oct
Iran Mountain Biking Holiday Caspian Sea

Cycling from Alamut Valley towards the Caspian Sea

A short cycling tour starts from Tehran and crossing Alborz mountains towards the Caspian Sea

4 Days
May, Jun, July, Aug, Sep, Oct
Mount Alamkuh View Iran 2nd highest peak

Mount Alam Kuh Ascend

Trek to Alamkuh summit, one of the most beautiful mountains of the country and Iran’s 2nd highest peak (4850 m)

6 Days
Jun, July, Aug, Sep
Iran Trekking Group Tour

Exceptional tailor-made hiking in Albourz Mountains

An active tailor made Adventure Iran holiday in southern sides of the Caspian Sea and hike in different regions

8 Days
Apr, May, Jun, July, Aug, Sep, Oct
Alamut Caspian Sea Tour

The Valleys of Alamut and the Caspian Sea

A winter cultural exploring tour in Alamut and the Caspian Sea and visiting the most popular natural sites

8 Days
Jan, Feb, Mar, Nov, Dec
Biking and Hiking Iran Travel

Biking from Alamut to the Caspian and Hiking in Rudkhan Castle

A hiking and cycling holiday from Tehran to Caspian Sea through the Alamut Valley plus sightseeing along the way

9 Days
May, Jun, July, Aug, Sep, Oct