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Two weeks Iran custom-made tour to cover top touristic sites alongside a road-less traveled destinations and desert adventures

START Tehran
REGION(S) Iran Central Desert
MEALS: 12 Breakfasts, 10 Lunches, 11 Dinners
ACCOMMODATIONS: Hotel: 2 Nights, Camp: 1 Night, Guesthouse: 8 Nights, Caravanserai: 1 Night
TRANSPORTATION: Night Train, Private vehicle
All transportation according to the itinerary
Accommodation as mentioned in the itinerary
Meals as indicated in the itinerary
English speaking tour guide
NOT INCLUDED Entry fee for the sites not mentioned in the itinerary
Travel insurance
International airfare
Excess baggage charges
Airport and departure taxes
Any extra hotel costs such as early check in or late checkout
Mini bar used in the room
Meals not stipulated in the itinerary
Tips (optional)
Cost of medical immunizations
Bottled water
Phone calls
Any other service not mentioned in the itinerary
  • Visit most Iran special villages in Iran Classic route.
  • An attractive journey through the ancient Persia and exploring its very old civilization.
  • A trip to historical places and cultural events of the old Persia.
  • Visiting major cities of Tehran, Kashan, Esfahan, Yazd and Shiraz together with smaller towns of Naiin, Anarak and Meybod,
  • Visiting historical villages of: Mesr, Farahzad, Garmeh, Meymand hand made cave, Bavanat & Nomads
  • An opportunity to taste different local foods of Iran.
  • Staying in different villages with indigenous people, an opportunity for knowing them, their culture, handicrafts and beautiful costumes.
  • Two days and one night camping and trekking in the heart of the Iran Central Desert.
  • 4WD driving on the sandy dunes.

After many years travelling around the world we saw most of travelers like to try classic itineraries of the countries, and only some special professional and adventure travel lover tries to see untouched and non-touristy areas. We think about this matter very deeply and also think about Iran non-touristic area. The Ideas of this tour is a combination of visiting Iran classic spot without to stay at urban destination and covered most important rural tourism on the road. The tours was created when we thought that most of the tours designed for travelers visiting Iran are for major touristic cities of Tehran, Esfahan, Shiraz, Yazd and Kashan. In such tours, tourists have only the opportunity to see and visit some very well-known historic places and stay in well-known hotels. During these routine tours travelers miss out the opportunity of visiting people, associating with them and knowing their divers culture and civilization left from thousands of years ago which is the main attraction of Iran.
We have decided to offer a journey completely different to those of regular ones. In this trip not only you will see the main touristic cities of Iran, but also you will have the chance to visit the historic villages and stay with local people and enjoy their homemade food, become familiar with their customs and way of life.
The trip is a memorable journey through Iran’s central desert, a 2 day trek into the desert and exploring Iran’s desert town of Yazd, one of the world’s most important historical desert cities in terms of architecture and elegant desert living.
Also the unforgettable experience is visiting and accommodates at the Zin-o-din old caravanserai and stay one night hand-made cave at the historical village Meymand.
We have one, optional taught one day trekking up to 4000 m, for who are interested to hiking on the mountain in the heart of the desert. And Also you stay one night around Nomad villages and see the Nomad’s life.
Visiting Persepolis , Naghsh-e Rostam & Rajab and Pasargadae, Iran’s old Capital.
The planned itinerary will start from the international IKA airport and end in the Shiraz city. The trip will take 14 days. The total route travelled on the ground in 14 days will add up to 2500 Km but the distance would be divided in such a way not to be tiresome for the travellers. The longest distance travelled during the trip will be on the 9th(last day) day for 600 Km and the shortest will be on the 8th for 35 Km which will be in the city. The type of vehicle used in this trip depends on the number of tourists. The journey can be performed from two people by a private vehicle and a guide up to 30 people by a V.I.P bus. We have designed the itinerary in a way that you will visit the most possible places in 14 days.
The difficulty range of the trip is easy; only one part of the tour is moderate (Trekking on the desert) but we can transfer those who wish to skip trekking by a 4WD car to the camp. The trip also can be tailor made to suit your needs or desires. Accommodation on this trip are Hotel in urban destination and guest houses in the village and countryside, and also we stay one night in Zino-o-din caravanserai and one night in a tent, and one night in hand made cave. All accommodations in villages are clean local lodgings renovated for the purpose of hosting national and international tourists.
The tour guides are all experienced individuals with a very good knowledge of the villages and visiting places. The tour is performed in English but can be also performed in Italian, French, German, Spanish and Russian.
During the trip, there are clean hygiene services available in all staying places in the villages.


Day 1: Arrival to IKA International Airport and departure to Kashan (200 Km)

An Adventure Iran representative will greet you at the IKA and you will be transferred to Kashan which is situated about 200 Km away from Tehran. In Kashan you will stay in a 100 years old historic house belonging to Qajar Dynasty, this historic house has been renovated beautifully as a tourist residency and is administrated by local people. We will stay overnight in this house enjoying a warm local hospitality. (D)

Day 2: Kashan city tour leaving to Esfahan (Qehi village) (235 Km)

After breakfast we will have a meeting for a friendly chat and to know your travel mates. We will give you sufficient information, maps, tips, etc. in order to make your journey enjoyable and hassle free, then we will get ready for Kashan city tour (here, we would ask our guests to pack what they might need during the day in a backpack carrying with them and leave the rest of their luggage with our representative in their suitcases). Kashan city tour consists of visiting the city’s historic houses such as Khaneye Borujerdiha, Khaneye Tabatabai, paying a visit to the Old Great Bazaar, Soltan Mir Ahmad historic Bathhouse, Agha Bozorg Mosque and also we will visit a traditional cloak weaving workshop. Then we will return to our residential place for having a local lunch and some rest, in the afternoon we will begin the second part of the Kashan city tour which is exploring the significant ancient site of sialk dating back to 3000 – 4000 BC, along with Fin historic garden which was built for Shah Abbas I. In the evening we will continue our journey towards Qehi village. The distance between Kashan and Qehi is 235 Km which will take about 2-3 hours. In Qehi we will check into the historic traditional guesthouse of Qehi where we will stay overnight for having rest and getting ready for the next day. After checking-in we will enjoy a locally prepared dinner. (B,L,D)

Day 3: Esfahan city tour, (70 Km)

The third day would be a busy day as Esfahan is one of the most visited cities of Iran and hosts numerous touristic attractions. After breakfast we will drive to Esfahan (45 min) to visit Naqshe Jahan Square, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Imam Mosque and Aali Qapu Building. All these sites are in the UNESCO’s world heritage list. Around the Naqshe Jahan Square there are many shops selling Esfahan’s beautiful handicrafts so it would be a great opportunity for those who wish to buy some of them. We will have the lunch in a traditional restaurant and then will continue towards south of the city to visit Chehel Sotun (Forty Pillar) and Hasht Behest (Eight Heaven) building. Later we will go to visit Zayandeh Roud (Zayandeh River) where we will also visit two of Iran’s historic bridges Siose Pol (33 Bridge) and Pole Khajoo (Khajoo Bridge). Zayandeh Roud is an ideal place to take some photos in the river’s sunset along with the two bridges. Then we will return to the guest house (Qehi).(B,L,D)

Day 4: Sightseeing in Qehi village, transfer to Naiin (visiting attractions) and then to Anarak Caravanserai (144 Km)

On this day we will have an optional visit to an old castle located 15 Km away from the village, those wishing to participate in this program should wake up early in the morning (sun rise). The castle (Kheir Abad) is in a picturesque location ideal for taking photos and early morning walk. Afterwards we will drive back to the guest house for an organic breakfast totally prepared from local dairies. We will also spend some time for roaming in the village and visiting its old beautiful houses. Then we will depart for historic city of Naiin in 70 Km from Gehi. When we arrive to Naiin it will be about noon, so first things first, we will have the lunch in Naiin’s Tourism Hotel (Jahangardi). We would spend the afternoon for Naiin city tour visiting historic mosque, anthropology museum and Narin castle. Following Naiin we will leave for the Anarak town where is located at the starting point of Iran central desert (74 Km). In Anarak there is a 120 year old caravanserai which has been renovated as a hotel and guest house and would be the place of our overnight stay. (B,L,D)

Day 5: Anarak sightseeing & Drive to Garmeh village (165 Km)

After breakfast we have a one day Anarak sightseeing tour. Visiting the village, Anarak tower and anthropology museums. We will have lunch in the caravanserai and take a rest. In the afternoon we will drive towards Germeh village which is located in a 200 Km distance in the heart of Iran’s central desert. We will be there in the late afternoon. Overnight stay in the famous Ateshooni guest house and having dinner.(B,L,D)

Day 6: Desert Trekking tour

The early morning wake up and drive from Garmeh towards Mesr oasis (100 km) where we will have breakfast. Trekking will start after breakfast. The length of trekking is between 10 to 20 km which would take about 4-8 hours depending on the fitness level of the group. On the trekking route we will stop every now and then to rest and take photographs from spectacular and amazing sand dunes. After a light lunch on the route the journey will continue until evening. We will set up our camp in the desert and after a short rest; we would go to watch the sunset in the heart of the desert. In the early night darkness we will have dinner and would have some time to watch the stars and enjoy the silence. (B, L, D)

Day 7: Meybod and Yazd (403 Km)

We will wake up at the crack of dawn (optional), walking about 10-15 minutes to watch the sunrise view of desert and walking back to our camp for having breakfast. After, the camp will be collected and trekking will continue till noon time. Then, our vehicle will arrive to pick us up and drive to Yazd. We have lunch on the road and we will drive to the old city of Meybod to visit the 16th Century Marian Qal-eh, the Narin castle complex, Caravanserai, Post House, Water Reservoir, Ice House, Storage centre and also some old handicraft shops run by local people making fabrics and clays. In the evening we will leave Meybod towards Yazd 80 Km away for staying overnight and having dinner in the Silk Road hotel (Jaddeye Abrisham), (B, L,D)

Day 8: Yazd city tour-Drive to Zein-o-din

At 8 AM, there will be a meeting between you and your tour guide after breakfast at the lobby. You will have a full day sightseeing tour in Yazd visiting most of the touristic attractions, important Zoroastrian sites of Dakhmeh (Old cemetery & tower of silence) and the Fire temple, Amir Chakhmagh complex and the main grand mosque next to the bazaar. Next comes Rokn-al Din Shrine and the old prison named after Alexander Prison, for the afternoon drive to the old caravanserai “Zeio-o-din”(60 km), we will stay at one the best renovated caravanserai in Iran and experience the traditional food (B,D).

Day 9: Meymand -(220 km)

Aafter the breakfast we drive to Meymand historical village “Hand made cave with more than 4000 years old”, After check in we will go to see the village and old museum and then cooperate with local people to make a traditional bread and maybe the handicrafts. In the afternoon trekking to the Eshkaft cave and coming back village and drive to Marj castle. Drive back to Meymand. Overnight at historical hand made cave (B,D).

Day 10: Climbing Mt. Tir Khorrin in Mymand (4000 m) – (free optional tour)

Early morning we will leave Meymand to a village to start trekking toward Mt. Tir Khorin. We have one full day trekking start from 1800 m to 4000m around 8 hours, After climbing the mountain coming back to the village and take arrest. Overnight stay in the cave. For who want to take a rest at this day they have the opportunity to be free in the village and we have many interesting places in the village and join two local people for cooking and make handicraft on the village. (B, L, D)

Day 11: Bavanat, Pasargad & Saadat Shahr (80 km)

After breakfast, we will leave Meymand to Nomad’s villages. We will see the original local nomad and the agricultural of local people, we have traditional food for lunch in the village. Then drive to Pasargad, “the tombs of Persia Empire”. We have a short sightseeing tour there and transfer to the Saadat Shahr city. After that we will go to the village and check into the guest house and then walking around the village and we have rural sightseeing there. We have traditional food and overnight stay at the guest house.(B,L,D)

Day 12:Perspolis & Shiraz (120 km)

Early Morning wake up and after breakfast we drive to Perspolis, we have one full day tour and we will visit Perspolis, Naghshe Rostam and Naghshe Rajab. After sightseeing tour drive to Shiraz and check in at hotel. For the night we have night walking in downtown (B,L).

Day 13:Shiraz sightseeing tour

Full day exploring Shiraz including visiting Vakil bazaar, Tomb of Hafez. Lunch at local restaurant after lunch, visiting Nasir-Al-Molk Mosque, Naarenjestan Garden, Ali Hamzeh Shrine. Transfer to Rail Station. Travel to Tehran. Overnight at the train. (B,L)

Day 14: Arriving Tehran- (Departure Date)

We arrive Tehran and transfer to the hotel. Free day to prepare to airport depending on the fly time we can half day sightseeing tour in Tehran. Transfer to th IKA airport

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