Adventure Iran Trekking Tours

Adventure Iran Trekking Tours Iran is truly one of the worlds beautiful countries, not just in nature but in its culture and variety of ethnic groups inhabiting it. Compared to trekking in other countries in the region, Iran offers better serviced trekking routes making trekking easy and comfortable. Though if you are not inclined to

Iran Skiing Tours

Adventure Iran Skiing Tours Skiing is a sport that has gained immense popularity all over the world and in the past decade have become quiet attention grabbing sport.

Iran Desert Tours

Adventure Iran is specialized in outdoor adventures of all types of activities. We hope you can take the time to read about all we have to offer

Iran Train Journeys

Iran Train Journeys Explore Iran’s most popular destinations with Iranian trains Iran Train Journeys is one of the special interest tours that attracts many visitors.

Mountain Biking Tours

Mountain Biking in Iran The options for mountain biking are endless. You can challenge yourself on long, hilly rides out on the valleys or just explore the villages in the lower valley.

Multi-Activity Tours

Iran Multi Activity Adventures One of the main reasons making Iran a different destination for adventure travellers is the variation of climate and temperate. In Iran, when some people are skiing in the north in late autumn and winter others are enjoying trekking in deserts and simultaneously swimming in the south of the country (Persian

Cultural-Historical Tours

Cultural/Historical Tours Adventure Iran Company exploring tour is one the major tour services for history and culture lovers who are willing and interested in touching ancient Persia.

Iranian Coast to Coast By Bicycle

Cycling from the Persian Gulf to the Caspian Sea The Iranian Coast to Coast Adventure Iran launches a 1,000 km 3 week cycling tour from South to North. The terrain is mixture of hills, mountains, deserts and forests. Our route crosses national parks, protected areas, villages and some of Iran’s world famous cities like Shiraz,

UTMD (Ultra Trail Mount Damavand)

UTMD Ultra Trail Mount Damavand Race   UTMD is an Iranian Ultra Trail Running Race taking place on the slopes of Mt. Damavand (5610m) and the surrounding area all part of Lar National Park.