Adventure Iran Cultural Tour Guide
Mehran is a licensed tour guide who has a degree in tourism from Yazd University. He was born in Bandar-e- Abbas, a large port city on the Persian Gulf and has been based in the southern city of Yazd for the past 15 years. He is focused on history and culture of his native land and has worked hard on his own unique technique on how to make listenable stories about historical sites in Iran. As a result, he has become a master story teller and a fine representative for the presentation of the long and colourful history of Iran. He makes movies, plays music and traveling is his primary interest, which he is completely dedicated to. He claims he knows how to make a bridge between locals and travelers. It seems that his claims are valid, after working in this field for a number of years, he has amassed quite a fan base. So, are you ready to get into this society and listen to his exposes? Take the challenge for having a cultural adventure!