Adventure Iran Mountain Biking Tour Guide

Armin, our 36 years old tour guide, studied Computer Science at University. Since childhood, he has been a keen hiker, skier and especially a road and mountain biker. From an early age, he learned how to fix many things from his father and became particularly interested in bicycle repairs and rebuilding them. Due to his increasing interest in cycling, from the early age of 18, he started putting serious time and effort in downhill mountain biking. By achieving the necessary skills, at the age of 25, he has been working as a cycling educator and tour leader in most provinces of Iran and several neighboring countries. During these years, he has reached high levels in doing technical works, repairing cars and bicycles, mechanical and electronic equipment. He also started to build a motorhome for himself and equipped that with camping equipment. He worked with a cinema film group for a while and gained experience in lighting, working with professional camcorders and cameras. He has also become proficient in driving 4×4 vehicles and carrying out mountain biking tours.