Adventure Iran Mountain Biking Tour Guide
Our high energy, cheerful and humorous guide is someone you love to be around and benefit from his sunny disposition and his devotion for his work. He is 39 years old and after high school graduation served his time with the military and then decided to leave the country to further his education and knowledge of the world. He travelled to Germany and settled in Hamburg, attending Hamburg University. He stayed in Germany for 15 years gaining valuable work experience and opportunity to travel throughout Europe, familiarizing himself with the European continent and its culture and civilization. After 15 years he returned to his home country already deciding to work in his chosen field. Since living in the heart of mountains, from childhood Mahbod has been a keen outdoorsman focusing on skiing and mountain biking in his beloved mountains. He has turned his passion for the above activities into a full time profession, assisting and guiding our international travellers to fully enjoy and discover the wonderful possibilities of cycling throughout the country.