Adventure Iran 4x4 driver Tour Guide

Armen is a computer engineer and a professional 4×4 driver working with us on many of our trips as a key member of the support team. He handles our desert 4×4 safaris, cycling tours and Ultra Trail Mt Damavand (UTMD) event. He has participated in many of our research trips throughout the country. He is very good at navigation on expedition trips and is a certified Iran guide from the tourism board. His other passion is horse riding and has been a horseback trail rider for many years.
To quote him, perfectly summarizes what Armen is all about: “I love to explore and find new landscapes and little known corners of the country. I am an adventurer….In my humble opinion driving 4×4 vehicles in challenging terrain which demands full concentration and attention to every detail of the trail means moving my passengers safely forward to experience wonderful new things and new situations round every bend…..”