Adventure Iran Cultural Tour Guide
Born in 1976, married with a girl and a boy, has been a consummate guide and traveller since his youth. After graduating with a degree in tourism and then took further training in order to obtain his tour guide license. Next, he decided to hit the road and get to see his country in detail travelling to four corners of Iran and developed particular interest in a number of tribal areas in the country. He has spent time getting to know in detail some of these tribes like the Arab speaking tribes of the province of Khuzestan, the Kurdish people in the provinces of Kermanshah and Kurdestan and the Turkish speaking tribes living in the provinces of eastern and western Azerbaijan. He has guided numerous groups from various European countries as well as Australia and New Zealand. He has also done international guide work for Iranian travellers, guiding them in Russia, China, Indonesia, South Africa, Mexico, Cuba, Greece, Italy, France, Belgium, Czech Republic, Holland, Switzerland, and Hungary.