Adventure Iran Mountain Tour Guide
Our colleague “Hossein” is a professional mountain, ecotourism and cultural tour guide. He has 42 years old. He is from the beautiful city of shiraz and he lives in Tehran. He has studied electronics in Sharif University of Technology (the best engineering university in Iran) and he has more than 20 years engineering work experience. While studying in university he started mountain and rock climbing, canyoneering and travel to different cultural and natural attractions in Iran. He has the experience of visiting different cities in Europe such as Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Brussels, and Seville. It is more than 20 years that he climbs Iranian mountains especially in Alborz range and also Zagros. He does ski and snowboarding in Iran resorts such as Dizin and Darbansar and also has experience in mountain bike. Hossein is educated as an ecotourism and cultural tourism guide in Arasbaran institute and done many courses in mountain climbing. You can enjoy accompanying him bushwalking in sand dunes in the central desert, hiking traditional trails between historic villages in Iran Mountains, stay in rural guest houses and use traditional local food, climb high mountain peaks such as Damavand and Alamkouh, birdwatching and also visiting cultural and historical attractions in Iran. He also speaks French and Spanish in medium level.