Iran Trekking General Info

Iran General Trekking Information Adventure Iran is one of the first Iranian tour operators that focused on trekking trips of varying lengths and difficulty in all important regions of Iran. We have been doing this since 2006. During this time, we have performed several hundred trekking trips and have accumulated a vast knowledge and experience

Iran Cycling Information

Iran Cycling Information Cycling is one of the most attractive adventure activities in the country. Adventure Iran was the first tour operator in the country that created a lot of short and long routes for international riders in different regions of Iran. We have run Mountain Biking tours(MTB) in the most interesting regions of the country,

Iran Ski Touring

Iran Ski Touring Information Iran is lucky with many mountains over 3,000 meters many of which become snow bound in the winter months. The two main mountain ranges are the Alborz, 900 km length and the Zagros, 1,600 km length and both have decent snow coverage above 2,000 m. The two ranges have these conditions in

Iran 4×4 Desert Safari

Iran 4×4 Desert Safari Iran is well known for her deserts and there is good reason for that. Iranian deserts are one of the most beautiful and varied deserts in the world. There are 2 large and separate desert systems and in many ways quite different from each other. Dasht-e Kavir desert also known as the central

Iran Active Cultural Travels

Iran Active Cultural Travels We have had years of experience designing and operating numerous tours specifically for our partners and visitors to Iran.

Iran Off the Beaten Path

Iran Off the Beaten Path Information Iran, as it was historically known as Persia, has always been recognized as one of the main destinations for curious travelers looking for exotic lands that have had an ancient and mighty civilization. This historical endowment coupled with Iran’s present cultural diversity is a powerful magnet for present day