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Small Group Tours, Tailor made and Custom Design Adventures

We have three different tour types:


    Small group tours which are scheduled trips with fixed departures and are perfect for people who would like to join a group in a small size less than 12 travelers. The numbers of these tours per year are limited and are mostly operated by Adventure Iran main team and founders to make them exclusive. Here is the link to our Fixed Departure Tours for your upcoming adventure.

    Iran Trekking Tour operator
    Trekking of Group Tour Via ADVENTURE IRAN


    Tailor made tours are Adventure Iran’s exclusive itineraries that were planned for different regions of Iran with different activities, likings and destinations in mind. These itineraries are meticulously designed and fixed through years of research and field work, You can find them in our website or we can offer you from our database and you can have your own departure dates. Most of these tours stay in standard hotels in main cities, boutique hotels, caravanserais or traditional style accommodations. We choose guest houses or local home stays in small towns and villages depending on the destination. We will offer you the price according to the number of people (whether you are an individual or a group) and time of your travel based on the recommended season of travel. In some tailor made trips you can upgrade the type of the accommodation and services according to your preference. unlike our group tours which have a fixed departure time and anybody can signup for it, tailormade tours are fixed based on your time and numbers only. Here is the most popular travel itineraries that we have in our TAILOR MADE TRIPS

    Camel Trekking Iran Tours
    Adventure Iran Expedition Desert tour with French Desert Adventurous


    Custom adventures is your own special travel. Adventure Iran is specialized in custom vacations.  For these trips you can give us your own travel itinerary or ask us to modify your idea about your vacation. So our travel specialist will work with you to create your dream itinerary perfectly planned to your unique needs. On your customized trips you can choose your own dates, activities, destination and accommodation style. Please see bellow link to send us your inquiry for your Custom Adventure holiday

    Adventure Iran Travel Company in Lyon France Exhibition
    Adventure Iran Travel Company in Lyon France Exhibition